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(SOLD-OUT) Mas Sajady Live | Elevating the Earth's Vibrational Programming - London, UK | In-Person


Mas Sajady Live Programs

Elevating Earth's Vibrational Programming
with the College of Psychic Studies | London, UK

8th November | 7-9pm 

Location: College of Psychic Studies

As the Earth becomes further entrenched in a path of unawakened consciousness, the polarized effects of the universe require that the other extreme of the spectrum rises up and breaks through to new levels of consciousness. There is a palpable energy on our planet right now created by our internal desire to transform and seek collective enlightenment. 

By bringing our awareness to the present moment, we can shift our planetary vibration to higher frequencies which will ultimately demand a collective transformation.

Mas Sajady is a transformational change-maker, who works at a core frequency level to edit and reprogram your vibrational makeup. After his second near death experience, Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities so remarkably potent that he was soon likened to some of the most significant healers in history. Mas works to help redesign and reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and manifesting abundance in all areas of life. Thousands around the world have transformed their lives after just one or a few sessions with Mas. "Change your frequency, change your life," shares Mas. 

For those of us seeking the truth of the universe, we are responsible for reshaping our existence beyond our physical presence. Join Mas at this highly anticipated event where he will give an in-depth talk on the Earth and its inhabitants, and why we are seeking vibrational elevation. He will use his abilities to tap into the universal database of knowledge and wisdom to shed light on this subject and uncover deep truth and understanding at a level well beyond your physiological, cognitive comprehension. The talk will include a powerful, guided Medihealing and the opportunity to ask Mas questions. 

During the Medihealing, Mas will help you access your spiritual programming so you can:

  • Connect to your higher presence where you have a timeless understanding of our existence
  • Bring to light any frequency distortions that have accumulated in this lifetime and previous ones
  • Work to clear and edit any programming that no longer serves you
  • Increase your consciousness and spiritual vibration to bring a life more aligned with your core essence
  • Directly influence the spiritual physics of this planet as you modify your personal frequencies
  • Ignite your internal power and abilities through spiritual change
  • Bring in a vibrational existence that will facilitate 360 degrees of abundance applied to all areas of your life
  • Cast off the cloak of unintentional and dulled living and come into a life of brilliance and awe
  • With every exposure to awakened consciousness you change your spiritual architecture and connect strongly with a mastermind group. 

    This special event with Mas Sajady will offer internal and earthly exploration as well as effective spiritual alteration to expand your wisdom, magnify your connection with the universe and stimulate the collective momentum towards the Earth’s vibrational elevation.
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Mas Sajady returns to the UK in the Fall (2nd Nov - 12th Nov) for a busy Program of events, including the Mind Body Spirit Festival in the UK's second city, Birmingham, from 3rd-5th November.  Learn More