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Frequency Spa | Cellular Rejuvenation (2017) | Online

Mas Sajady Program | Frequency Spa

Frequency Spa #54:
Cellular Rejuvenation (2017)

The Aging Process: Stress & Telomere Shortening

Our cells divide every day. There are chromosomes in every cell and at the tips of our chromosomes are little caps called Telomeres. Their function is to protect our DNA.

Telomeres get a bit shorter every time a cell divides. As our cells divide on a daily basis those Telomeres get shorter and shorter. Over time, signs of aging surface such as wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, weakened immune system, etc…

In studies, people with stressful modern lives showed extraordinary wear and tear on their Telomeres which caused them to age faster.

Telomeres & Telomerase

An enzyme called Telomerase maintains and repairs the Telomeres, prolonging the life of our cells. Increasing Telomerase is a way to prevent Telomeres’ unraveling, therefore slow down the aging process.

And how can we do that? Meditation!

Scientific studies show that intensive meditation practice significantly increase Telomerase activity in the immune cells as they function to elongate the Telomeres. Scientists are now working to gather more information on how mindfulness and conscious awareness can help us defy aging at the cellular level.

The Anti-Aging Process: Meditation & Healing

In this Frequency Spa session, Mas will be working on your core frequency level and

  • Leading you into an intense meditative state
  • Increasing the activities of the Telomerase
  • Activating the enzyme that builds the Telomeres
  • Slowing down the shortening of the Telomeres
  • Preventing the rate of aging at the cellular level

Frequency Spa | Registration

Cellular Rejuvenation
Monday, July 31st 2017
8pm PT / 10pm CT

Cellular Rejuvenation (50min): $49 | Details & Registration