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Mas Sajady Live | Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life - Dubai | In-Person & FREE


Mas Sajady Live Events Program

Change Your Frequency. Change Your Life
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Event Location: LifenOne
Jumeirah Beach Road, 27B Street, Villa 5/1B Jumeirah 1, Postcode: 413752 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Mas Sajady

"Happiness and positivity are a lifestyle and government’s commitment and a true spirit that unites the Emirati community."  - H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai 
"We are all created with the instincts to be abundant in all ways. It's our birthright. I just help reconnect you to your divine blueprint." - Mas Sajady

Following two Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Mas Sajady uncovered seemingly extraordinary intuitive abilities that lie within us all. With his special abilities, Mas Sajady helps individuals achieve well-being, abundance and happiness through mindfulness and Medihealing®. Integration of Mas’ techniques with modern technologies (such as the ones exhibited at the Arab Health Conference) can produce more effective healing and transformation in all areas of life.

Mas' Clientele

Mas Sajady has helped tens of thousands throughout the world transform all aspects of their personal and professional lives.  Within the business sector specifically, Mas works with Fortune 500 executives and staff, medical and alternative healthcare providers, professional athletes, celebrities, and companies including Capital Records, Facebook, Fox, CCTV, CIA, Forbes, Microsoft,  FedEx, and more.  Mas is the founder of the New Business Paradigm (which is being applied by a wide range of truly successful CEOs), and which gives a deep understanding of the timeless energetic principles that impact our professional and personal lives.

Mas also donates his time to assist schools, community organizations, special needs groups, children, students and people from all walks of life. 

This event includes a presentation and guided Medihealing®. A Medihealing is a meditation and healing in one to supercharge your life and accelerate your journey to total abundance.

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