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Frequency Spa #65 | Cosmic Power Infusion: Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse | Online

Frequency Spa #65

Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse
Tues. Jan 30 | 7:30pm PT / 9:30pm CT/ 10:30pm ET

Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse – end of January 2018

At the end of January, a very special, potent, and much awaited celestial event occurs – a Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse.  This is a rare occurrence (the last one in the US was over 150 years ago) that will have a deep impact on our lives for some time to come. 
For not only is this a Super Moon (a Full Moon close to the Earth and hence more powerful energetically and more visible) but it is a Blood Moon, imbuing it with a reddish hue.  
A Blood Moon occurs at a Total Lunar Eclipse, and Lunar Eclipses are powerfully cleansing events which help clear away the emotional detritus of the preceding 6 months. 
A Blue Moon occurs when we have 2 Full Moons in any one Calendar month and is of itself a rare and notable occurrence, hence the expression “once in a Blue Moon”.  
The combination of all 4 lunar events is not only rare, but also extremely powerful.
Like a turbo-charged Full Moon, the Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse will shine the full force of its beam on any areas of our lives that may require our attention.  What has remained hidden may be illuminated under the powerful focus of the Moon, and endings of cycles, completions and fruitions may result, along with a shedding of accumulated emotional baggage. For many it will mark a turning point, a course correction onto a higher path, and will usher in a time of positive transformation and change.
Join Mas for this illuminating and powerful Medihealing to strengthen yourself and -  

  • Clear out the past, and release that which no longer serves us.
  • Surrender to a Higher Power and trust in the Universal flow of life.
  • Look within and shine the spotlight on our inner fears and hidden truths, our dreams, our hopes, our desires.
  • Embrace the ideas, inspirations and changes brought by the Moon, accepting what is with grace and ease.
  • Tune into our inner guidance and access our own inner strength, courage, and power, standing confidently in our truth.
  • Move forwards confidently into a new dawn.

Although the Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse takes place in the early hours of January 31st the Super Moon will in fact be at its peak on January 30th, the evening we have selected for this powerful event.

Super Blue Blood-Moon Eclipse

$40 (45 min - live call + replay) | Click to Register