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Group Healing - Bravery | Online


Jun 13 | 8am PT / 10am CT/ 11am ET

Many view bravery as large and public acts of heroism during dramatic life situations. However, bravery of spirit can be practiced each day, every time that we face our fears and insecurities.  It is these blocks that create the boundaries and limits of our lives but in each moment, we have the chance to step outside of usual patterns, fully acknowledge and face our discomfort, and proceed with centered faith into the unknown. With these powerful steps that unfathomable shifts become possible and our true human potential is awakened. Join Mas in this potently transformative group healing where he will fortify your spirit space in order to help you to:

  • Strengthen the connection to your true self, reinvigorating your brilliance regardless of external circumstances
  • Instill an unwavering foundation of courage in order to successfully identify, face and challenge your limiting fears and beliefs
  • Release restrictive societal, religious or spiritual constraints to operate from your highest moral compass
  • Delete any patterns that allow for bullying and intimidation, whether from others or the self
  • Feel the strength to proceed into uncertainty, embracing the opportunity of adventure and spiritual progress as well as full self-expression in the face of risk or doubt
  • Take actionable steps towards creating a life of ease and awakened abundance supported by courage and fearlessness

In this group healing, tap into the depths of your boldness and valor, increase your bandwidth for adventure and celebrate your innate heroism and strength as you move more fully into living the boundless life you were meant to have.

$30 ($20 Early Bird) - Visit the Group Healing Page for Registration Details

Included with the JUNE 21 Day SUBLIME Package