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Group Healing - Public Speaking PART II: 5-Minute Power Medihealing | Online


Public Speaking Part 2
5-Minute Power Medihealing

Mar 22 | 8am PT / 10am CT/ 11am ET

This is the 5-minute pre-public speaking medihealing to compliment the 35-minute Public Speaking in Part 1.

Public speaking can cause a range of emotions from anticipation to mild jitters to full blown anxiety. Many experience sheer panic as their hearts race, palms sweat and minds blank in the face of speaking in front of others. Our ability to confidently own and articulate our thoughts, feelings and desires is at the heart of connection and a balanced and healthy existence in which we feel heard, acknowledged and appreciated. In this liberating group healing, Mas will help you delete distortions in our spirit space so that we may own our voice and:

  • Remain firmly and calmly centered in our bodies
  • Overcome feelings of anxiety, panic and dread
  • Release any embedded fear of judgement or criticism
  • Celebrate the gift of our individuality and uniqueness
  • Successfully communicate with comfort, ease and charisma
  • Use nervousness as a tool to enhance the delivery of our message
  • Relish the opportunity of being heard and connecting with others
  • Handle spontaneous or impromptu speaking with grace 
  • Exude your natural leadership qualities through compelling, effective communication

Whether you are a seasoned speaker or terrified at the thought, harness your energy and innate ability to speak with confidence, unlocking your fullest potential and sharing the complete expression of your spirit’s brightness for all to see.

$30 - Visit the Group Healing Page for Registration Details

Included with the MARCH 21 Day SUBLIME Package