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Group Healing - Secrets | Online


May 9 | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Lingering within our spirit are secrets that have accumulated over lifetimes both from our choices and the actions of our family. They are perhaps tucked away so carefully we hardly know they are within us -- festering, creating density and distortion. Small lies, deceit, omission of truth or memories we desperately want to forget do not disappear when we swallow them or push them away. With time they will ultimately emerge, possibly bringing about physical ailments or circumstances of distortion. Join Mas in this group healing where he will help your spirit to: 

  • Acknowledge the secrets we have kept inside or taken on from loved ones
  • Bring clarity to the ways hidden family truths and self-deceit have controlled you
  • Reveal unknown secrets within you and give you the courage to face them 
  • Extract and expel the secrets that have been embedded in your spirit 
  • Align inner and outer truth; and understand the importance of this alignment
  • Find comfort in authenticity and relief in releasing the need to lie, cover up or hide
  • Release your hidden fears thereby releasing their control over you
  • Uncover the bravery needed to risk unwanted consequences as you dispel your secrets

Holding onto mistruths is exhausting and wears at the brilliance of our existence. As you take the bold step to let go of your secrets you open your spirit up to a space of lightness and freedom. You realign with your higher self and invite in the splendor of your spirit and the boundless life that awaits you.

$30 ($20 Early Bird) - Visit the Group Healing Page for Registration Details

Included with the MAY 21 Day SUBLIME Package