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Public Service Event | Youth MediMorphosis® (Free) | Minneapolis, MN | Online & In-Person

Public Service Event
Youth MediMorphosis® (Free)

Minneapolis - July 28 | 1pm - 5pm CT
11am PT / 2pm ET

In-Person & Online


On Sunday, July 28th from 1-5pm in Minneapolis, Mas Sajady is holding a free Youth MediMorphosis event. Mas will help young participants connect to their highest level of consciousness so they can come into their fullest potential and maintain the purity and brightness they naturally possess.

In-Person, 1-on-1 ( 18 & under )
Anyone 18 and under is invited to work with Mas in a group setting, with some dedicated one-on-one time within the group. Participation will be granted on a first come, first served basis. According to the information Mas receives while reading an individual, he will help the participant work to bring any imbalances back into an optimal state. Additionally, Mas will help the individual target any challenges the child or parent/guardian would like addressed.

Online, Video Livestream Mastermind ( All Ages )
If you would like to contribute to the power of the Mastermind and the exciting opportunity to positively direct the youth, Mas invites you to participate in the Youth MediMorphosis frequencies. You may join through an online, video livestream for free. Throughout this event, any challenge Mas targets for an in-person attendee will be beneficial to all participants, of any age, including those online.

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