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Mas Sajady Live | White Water River Sledging - Queenstown Area, NZ | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program


White Water River Sledging + Medihealing®
Queenstown Area, New Zealand

March 20th, 10:00am - 5:00pm | In-Person

Join Mas for an alternative to white water rafting, on the Kawarau River. Using specially designed river sledges that are sturdy, buoyant and highly maneuverable, jump into the Kawarau River and sledge 7 kilometers of grade 2 to 3 rapids. (Westsuits, helmets, fins included)

Our journey will begin with a short meditation and learning the basics of river sledging. Upon your successful demonstration of confidence in the water and swimming skills, we will head out to ride the white waters of the Kawarau River.

We will have a stop along the river for lunch and a Medihealing® with hands on work from Mas, while he taps into the power of water to help us:

  • eliminate the frequencies that are stopping you from going with the flow 

  • infuse the frequencies of trust, adventure and openness to ride and master the waves of life

*You will be contacted regarding your lunch options closer to the event

The Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed with registering or participating in any part of the Frequency Series. This is your journey. You are and have always been in complete control.

$275 | Click to Register

No refunds. No exceptions. This is a high adrenaline event! You must be in good physical health, be a confident swimmer and have a sense of adventure. If necessary, please consult your medical professional to discuss your ability to participate before you register. You will be required to sign a waiver with our event partner company, Serious Fun Riverboarding, LTD.