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Personal Development - Focus | Online

“Group Healings” are now called “Personal Development”
to more accurately reflect the value and intent of the Medihealings.



Wednesday, July 24 | 8:30am PT / 10:30am CT / 11:30am ET

Several scientific studies show the myriad of neurological benefits meditating provides. Psychology Today cited a study by Neuroscientist, Giuseppe Pagnoni, suggesting “that meditation not only changes brain patterns, but it also confers advantages in mental focus that may improve cognitive performance.” 

Focused meditation and proper programming will help to redefine focus and improve neurological function allowing you to successfully accomplish challenges presented to you in the office and at home. In this Medihealing, Mas Sajady will help you rewrite your personal programming so you may:  

• Initiate sharp and quiet focus, on-command

• Elevate neurological function and agility  

• Operate with intense concentration and clarity  

• Activate greater sensory awareness and recall

Mas Sajady’s Exponential Intelligence transformational process is highly effective and very intense. You may find it severely challenging as old patterns shift. Working with Mas requires absolute ownership and personal accountability. If you are mentally unstable, weak, tend to blame others, and/or are unwilling/unable to take personal responsibility please do NOT proceed.

$30 - Visit the Personal Development Page for Registration Details

Available à la carte or via the JULY 21 Day -  The Accelerated Program ONLY