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Human Reset - Physics of Timeless Relationships Workshop #3 | Online


Physics of Timeless Relationships Workshop #3

Sunday, October 20th | 8am PT/ 10am CT/ 11am ET
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In this 1.5 hour workshop, learn and instill nuggets of wisdom from Mas gained through his spiritual cultivation and personal journey so that you may:

  • Learn what makes a timeless relationship where passion, intimacy and sex get better with time

  • Experience a relationship that blossoms into deeper facets of expression, transcending mere physical sensations to spiritual love making

  • Foster a nourishing environment where each person feels safe and secure to become their best possible self, coming from a place of desire rather than obligation

  • Learn through breakups or divorces and instill techniques used by Mas to turn a conventionally devastating situation into a powerful life changing experience for both you and your children

  • Give your children the gift of EI by becoming a model parent

  • Maintain your self-identity as a parent and strengthen the bond with your children by becoming a strong, confidant definition of what a woman or man should be

  • Delete old patterns of attracting the wrong partner

  • Cultivate the courage and self-respect to end abusive or destructive relationships

  • Strengthen your current relationship, reigniting the passion

  • Reprogram yourself for a results-oriented approach to attracting your ideal partner

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