A Free Resource for Strengthening & Preparing for Deeper Work

In order to adequately prepare for the magnitude and intensity of the life-changing, deeper work of the Intensive portion in the Frequency Series, significant preparation must be done to strengthen one’s mental fortitude and emotional maturity. The Frequency Series Fundamentals is a set of progressive and supportive calls and resources that will prepare and strengthen you to break through with maximum result.



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Turning Abuse into the Foundation for Success

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What Destroys You Nourishes You
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Why Most People Are Not Wealthy,
& Why Most Wealthy Are Not Happy

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The #MeToo Movement & How to Grow from It

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Turning Abuse into Homeopathic Medicine

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Abuse Recovery Fundamentals - Session Highlights & Questions

Session #1: General

  • What is abuse?

  • How is abuse related to time?

  • How does nature utilize abuse/decay/death to continue growth and expansion?

  • How has humanity used abuse as a source of control?

  • Why do people abuse others?

  • Can the good things in life (money, fortune, loving relationships, etc.) abuse you?

  • Are there circumstances in which abuse can never happen?

  • How can we use 'negative' emotions properly to catapult us to growth and expansion?

  • Is it possible to step out of or slow down time?

  • What are some of the attributes or personality characteristics of being out of time?

  • Who is actually more solid and complete upon their path and in sync with time, the abuser or the abused?

  • How can both the abuser and the victim awaken and clean up their life?

  • How can we recognize abuse in our life?

  • What are some positive things that the abused person can do to delete frequencies of attracting abuse?

  • Is disconnecting from time beneficial?

  • Why does abuse harm both the perpetrator and the victim?

  • Why do victims sometimes become abusive?

  • How can a loving, caring and protective relationship be abusive when it seems so loving and beautiful? When can too much caring be abusive?

  • When can your wealth or your rule sets become abusive?

  • What emotions are typically used to control?

  • How can we use all of our emotions to propel us out of our abusive situations?

  • How can we end abuse?

  • How do successful people use abuse to guide them into further success?

  • How can you fall in sync with time?

  • How do people latch onto us?

  • Would a higher level of consciousness want to control you? How does it show up?

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Session #2: Relationships

  • Is it true that what destroys me also nourishes me?

  • Is human connection or relationship one of our most basic needs?

  • Why is abuse so prevalent? What can we do to change this?

  • Why and how do we attract abuse?

  • Why do people cheat on or leave a good, loving relationship to be in an abusive relationship?

  • Why do people who aren’t in an intimate relationship want one?

  • Why do many intimate relationships fizzle out and how can we avoid this?

  • What is the most important relationship?

  • What are some relationship tools that have been used upon us?

  • Why do we seem to have multiple intimate relationships that are similar?

  • Why do all your relationships have similar characteristic and dynamics? Your career, money, friends, health, God, etc.

  • How does EI change the core level of how we interact relationally with others?

  • How does communication work?

  • What are the primary factors that predetermine how people treat you?

  • How can we shift the way people treat us?

  • Can others sense your frequency signature at a quantum conscious or super-subconscious level?

  • If you have been abused as a child what has most likely brought about this pattern?

  • Why do people treat us the way they do?

  • How do relationships work from an EI perspective?

  • What should we look for in relationships?

  • Love is a by-product of ________?

  • Why do people within a relationship sometimes need their own separate space?

  • Why do some people who have been abused as a child turn into an abuser later in life and some don’t?

  • Why do some people need to create drama in their life?

  • What makes one feel in control in relationships?

  • What does time have to do with abuse and control?

  • Studies show that levels of the chemical love molecule NGF, responsible for romantic intensity can disappear in as little as 12 months in a new relationship. True or False?

  • Why do people fall out of love with one another?

  • Why do some couples seem to have a timeless loving relationship and others don’t?

  • What can we do to keep the romantic intensity alive within our intimate relationships?

  • Is it true that anything (good or bad) that pulls you off your path of discovering who you are is abuse?

  • Are there varying levels of abuse?

  • Can someone love you so much that it can be considered abusive?

  • Fact or fiction?: Men need variety and women need monogamy.

  • Is it part of our DNA to find that perfect mate?

  • What do men want most in a relationship? What causes men to cheat?

  • Why do women cheat or fall out of love?

  • Why aren’t more people having steamy sex?

  • Take the “What’s Your Passion Quotient?” Test… Mas asks a few questions. Listen in around 35 minute mark of the recording.

  • Do you have to suffer in order to help others?

  • If you are running abuse patterns, are all relationships abusive including the one with yourself and God?

  • Why do some people self abuse?

  • Do you have to forgive your abuser?

  • Why do you want or need to be in control of your space?

  • What is the pain body and how can we bring it back into control as an efficiency system?

  • What is an organic relationship and can it help you connect to Pure Source even stronger?

  • How can you attract an organic, loving relationship?

  • How can you have a euphoric relationship that lasts and grows stronger?

  • Do you have to love yourself?

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Session #3: Wealth/Happiness

  • Can money, intellect or success abuse us?

  • How do our abuse patterns affect our wealth condition?

  • Why doesn’t having more money necessarily make us happier?

  • Why do people destroy themselves, their relationships, their health for more money?

  • What are some of the different ways our beliefs around money abuse us?

  • Why does our society place money upon a pedestal?

  • What are some of the lies that create distortions around wealth or having wealth?

  • Are you off your path if you live in any sort of lack in any areas of your life?

  • Why do most of us slave away for money most of our lives, and does this separate us from our purpose of why we are here?

  • How can religion or religious beliefs abuse us?

  • What is the best way to control people?

  • Is money really a physical representation/signifier of how much we are worth?

  • Is there a deep connection between spirituality and money?

  • Is the level of money you have an indicator of how awakened you are at spirit level?

  • Can money or success be a facade?

  • Can we get to the point where we are so connected with our awakened spirit that our external world becomes a reflection of the grandness of who we are?

  • What is the new paradigm regarding money?

  • Are people who are wealthy awakened spiritually at some level?

  • Should our security lie in the money we have?

  • What happens if you become more successful, but don’t awaken spiritually and ascend higher at the same time?

  • How do money beliefs affect both the wealthy and the poor who are not spiritually awakened?

  • What is the truth about money?

  • Questions from Abuse Fundamentals call #3 Wealth/Happiness

  • What is EI’s method or the Significantly Successful way to create success and money?

  • Why do our distortions get magnified by success or more money?

  • Can you successfully use an abuse pattern to springboard you to success and wealth?

  • What do most success courses teach us on achieving success and wealth?

  • How can we create more financial wealth, free of distortions?

  • Can money come into us easily and naturally when we clear our distortions?

  • Does being a good person mean that our distortions are gone and money comes to us easily?

  • Why should we focus on awakening and clearing our distortions?

  • What is the best way to create non-distorted wealth?

  • Why is it necessary to clear at our foundational level?

  • Where did most limited financial programming start?

  • What can we do on a regular basis to shift our money mindset and distortions around money?

  • If someone is wealthy, does this necessarily mean they are more awakened?

  • If being wealthy and being poor are both parts of the same coin, which side is more distorted: the wealthy or the poor?

  • What does Pure Source want from you to get a closer, stronger connection?

  • Can someone retain their material wealth when going through ascension?

  • What is EI’s definition of wealth?

  • Why is financial shifting one of the slower transformations for so many of us and how can we change this?

  • How would deleting abuse patterns affect wealth?

  • What is true wealth like when we are free of abuse patterns?

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Session #4: Parenting

  • What does parenting have to do with the #metoo movement?

  • What does abuse have to do with the #metoo movement and parenting?

  • Does company training on harassment decrease harassment in the workplace?

  • Is there a purpose why men and women were created the way they were?

  • What is the #1 objective that most women seek?

  • What is the #1 objective that most men seek?

  • Why do men compete for dominance and strength?

  • What do many men do when they don’t feel strong enough?

  • What are some of the core issues that cause some men to want to dominate women?

  • Have we separated sex and love?

  • Is there a separation of love and marriage?

  • What are some predominant reasons why many men get married?

  • What are some predominant reasons why many women get married?

  • What do war and religion have to do with our collective distortions?

  • Does true security come from having money?

  • How do children learn from the frequencies their parents are running?

  • In regard to parenting, is it necessary to have a strong male and strong female to have strong kids?

  • What does a true strong woman or strong man look like?

  • Are children drawn towards one parent over another, and if so, why?

  • If there is only one strong and congruent default parent, will the children know what a strong male/strong female should look like?

  • What are some of the ‘under the radar’ abuse patterns that parents run/use with their children?

  • What are some of the ways our self identities can damage our children?

  • Why are some parents over-protective or too loving towards their children?

  • Can over-protective parenting or smothering be abusive to a child?

  • How do a parent’s insecurities distort their children?

  • Do women crave being conquered by men in a positive way? If so, why?

  • How do women use their clothing to dominate and attract men?

  • How do women use their clothing to be unattractive to men?

  • Are men or women (or both) responsible for what has happened in the #metoo movement?

  • What can we do to rectify the distortions that have been highlighted in the #metoo movement?

  • Can the frequencies we run attract or reject abuse?

  • Where does disrespect come from?

  • Is it ever appropriate to tell ‘little white lies’? Why do people use them?

  • What is re-parenting?

  • What is the Abuse Series about?

  • How can you become a strong parent, remove your distortions and purify your lineage?

  • What is the real role of parenthood?

  • How does a child’s experiences from ages 0-7 color and solidify the way they see the world as an adult?

  • When is our greatest opportunity to help children clarify and choose their identity?

  • How can you become a strong icon for society?

  • Why is it so important to raise strong, competent children and how do we do that?

  • How can we become strong and congruent adults, no matter how we were raised?

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Session #5: Health

  • How can we get to the core level of our issues in order to release illness and disease? How can our health abuse us?

  • Homeopathic medicine is so diluted that only the frequencies remain. How can we use this model of homeopathy to reverse and heal abuse frequencies?

  • How can we change how our spirit reads and perceives distortions? How can we change our DNA?
    How do our distortions create disease?
    What is the missing component in the mind/body connection?

  • Do our thoughts have frequencies?

  • Where do our thoughts come from?

  • Where do our subliminal thoughts come from and what are they?

  • Does thought have an original manifesting source before they become our thoughts?

  • How do our familial lineage patterns become our distortions and then abuse us?

  • What are some health challenges that can result from the abusive frequencies we are running?

  • What are some examples of abusive frequencies that create obesity and other health issues?

  • What are some emotional values that create disease?

  • What is the core cause of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how can it be healed?

  • Mas always reminds us to “notice the details of what you notice”? How can that help us to heal?

  • How can the Frequency Series Abuse Intensive help us to unravel the patterns we are running that create disease?

  • What is a common emotional pattern typically present with many cancer patients?

  • What great ability do most worriers have? How can they use this ability to their benefit?

  • What are some core reasons for infertility?

  • Is our DNA easy to imprint?

  • How can a travesty or trauma that happened to one of our family members 5-10 generations ago negatively impact us in this lifetime?

  • Have women lost their true power and value of who they really are? If so, does this affect fertility?

  • Why are we allowing unhealthy foods like GMO’s in our food system?

  • Why are some people running frequencies of being asexual and does this impact infertility?

  • Where do suicidal tendencies, addictions, depression, and anxiety come from? Is it a severe abuse pattern?

  • Can our spirits be controlled or consumed?

  • What is happening at spirit level in cases of addiction?

  • What are some examples of having a time/space disconnect?

  • What is the root cause of heart disease, blood pressure and panic attacks?

  • Does a spirit ever create disease for attention?

  • How can we elevate the frequency of our food so that it is healthier?

  • How can the Abuse Intensive help those who have addictions?

  • How can we use the Abuse Intensive Series as homeopathic medicine and heal our health issues and distortions?

  • Is illness a tool used by our spirit to awaken us?

  • Why do some people create illness?

  • Is illness part of Detox?

  • What is Detox and why do some people experience it? Is illness ever used as a tool to help you awaken?

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