• Frequency Clinic: Lymphatic System

  • Group Healing: Healthy Body Image

  • Frequency Spa: Graceful Aging

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The lymphatic system is an essential component of the immune system that helps to guard against infection, bacteria and cancer cells, aids in fat and fat-soluble nutrient absorption and maintains fluid balance. Join Mas as he provides spiritual fortification to this critical system for a robust immune response and vibrant health so that we may live life to its fullest.




Our bodies are miraculous gifts through which we experience all that life offers. But for many, an unhealthy body image plagues their thoughts, contributing to unnecessary feelings of inadequacy, unattractiveness and even shame. From harboring inaccurate mental images that are not reflected in reality, to yearning for imagined perfection, to obsessing over every perceived flaw, far too many look to their bodies to reflect their worth and value. In this group healing, liberate yourself from internal and external pressures of society, and reclaim confidence and love for your true self as Mas works at spirit level to help:

  • Release inaccurate mental images of your physical body

  • Correct time distortions that leave you stuck in false imaginings

  • Dispel external pressures and messages of self-image from society and the media

  • Revel in the multi-layered miracle that is your physical body and all of its abilities

  • Understand the optimal physicality for your body type rather than coveting unrealistic body types and images

  • Prioritize health and well-being over artificial or destructive beauty

  • Come into the knowledge of the endless beauty and power of your truest self

  • Live from a space of ease, comfort and confidence in the full knowing of who you truly are

  • Embrace all life experiences and opportunities without self-imposed limitations from misconceptions of imperfection

  • Celebrate the joining of your spirit with the gift of your physical form

A healthy body image frees us to come into a deepened sense of self-love. As we accept and appreciate our bodies, we more easily connect with the power of the present moment, allowing our spirits and bodies to come into union. And it is through this union that all abundance blossoms.




What if we could always move toward opportunities no matter what our age? What would it feel like to be fearless to start something new and not back away because we think we’re too old to try? How can we look back on our lives with compassion and celebration, and understand ourselves from a greater place of love and awareness? 

As children, it feels like we have all the time in the world - we can do anything. Yet for many as we age, time turns into a reminder of limitations, closing off the possibilities that once shined in our youth. 

As adults we can become lost in the rush and routine that define of our lives. As we age, we begin to experience physical issues that limit what we can do. Our hair becomes gray and our faces become wrinkled.  We say good-bye to friends and family as they start to cross over. 

Reflecting on our lives do we wonder, where did the time go and what did we actually do with it? When did the things we once were able to do slip away? What happened to all the things we wanted to do with our lives? Yet, even if presented the opportunity to start something new or finally fulfill a dream, how many of us would instead doubt that we could succeed? Do we give in to feelings of embarrassment and trepidation or thoughts that we’re too old? Do we let life pass us by?

This compassionate Frequency Spa is designed to embody the intention of aging gracefully, where it will assist you in:

  • Overcoming fear of abandonment and insecurity associated with aging

  • Embracing the changes to your body that are a natural part of aging

  • Finding closure for unresolved regrets of the past

  • Having peace and recognition of the higher order behind the choices you’ve made in life

  • Finding and continuing your true self-expression 

  • Harnessing the inspiration and determination to learn something new or take risks regardless of age

  • Seeing and celebrating who you are, have been and always will be at the core of your being

Many people hold the belief that, the older they get, the more diminished their life will be, as if their worthiness will vanish or fade. In truth, aging does not have to mean suffering. 

There is a beauty in the cycle of life that is naturally who we are simply because we are alive. Our spirit is ageless and timeless. Life can blossom at any moment. Mas invites you to connect with your higher state of being to authentically begin to love and honor the life you have led.  In doing so, we are able to access the beauty and light within, physically age gracefully and exit our lives with peace and the beauty of knowing we’ve lived fully without regrets. The time is now to dedicate to yourself, your dreams, your development, your place on earth. You are worthy of living to the fullest at this age and every age.