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A powerful trio of Exclusive Medihealings®

LIVE ONLINE - DECEMBER 16th, 23rd, & 30th

Available for purchase only through January 5th.

This November Mas received an intense upgrade in the deserts of Dubai, magnifying his abilities, his articulation and higher understanding of Exponential Intelligence and the way to relate it to our modern day world. Leveraging these advanced frequencies, Mas will guide us in three upgraded and live Medihealings for the most prevalent and sought-after topics: Love, Money & Self-Realization.

We invite you to invest in yourself this holiday season or offer loved ones a gift more precious than any material item you can buy: the gift of transformation and ever-lasting change.


Sunday - December 16 | 8am PT / 10am CT / 11am ET

Love is comprehensively misunderstood, mistreated and misconstrued in this world. Yet, it is universally desired throughout the globe in all stages of human life.

Join Mas as he helps you to completely redefine your understanding of love by and deconstruct your programming and the rule-sets that dictate your perception of love. You will restructure the way you see, feel and experience love so that it may be aligned with your true self and your highest good.

When you understand the definition of love from the Exponential Intelligence perspective, you will naturally attract pure love, compassion and healthy relationships that nurture and promote your path to awakening. 


Sunday - December 23 | 8am PT / 10am CT / 11am ET

It is your natural state to live from a space of abundance, including financial ease. However, over many lifetimes and taking on burdens of family lineage, many find themselves in monetary lack with limited financial options or operating through a distorted relationship with money.

Financial predispositions or preconceived ideas of what wealth means or says about you limits your understanding of money and the role it can play in your life. Some people hide behind their possessions and the wealth they have accumulated while others long for monetary stability and less hardship.

To change the way you see, experience and relate to money, you must go within to your core programming. Join Mas in this highly demanded Medihealing where he will work with you in a space of higher consciousness to carefully target frequencies of financial limitation, lack or misunderstanding. 

By removing old patterns and redefining your conceptual idea of wealth, you can reprogram your relationship with money and bring it into balance. Your higher existence will guide you into a healthier space that supports a life of unlimited potential that you deserve!

Money is not what you think it is, nor does it have the control or power that you may have assigned to it. Open yourself to an Exponential Intelligence understanding to see the true power of this life and how easy money and abundance can come to you once you realize your limitless potential.


Sunday - December 30 | 8am PT / 10am CT / 11am ET

If you could fully understand who you are universally and what you are not, you would not lack anything as it is your natural state to live from a space of ease, harmony and splendor. However, small steps off your path throughout many lifetimes can cloud your understanding of who you are and your divine nature, thereby limiting your existence. The means to a comprehensive, magnificent life is through self-realization and true understanding that you are a fractal of Pure Source. 

If you were to encounter a divine being what would you do, how would you treat them? How would you speak to them and honor them?

Dear spirit, that masterful being is YOU at your core. You only have to see it. Join Mas in a state of higher consciousness where he will pinpoint programming that obstructs you from seeing the real you. Bathe yourself in the higher frequencies of divine glory where you will feel the power of connection, the grandness of your existence and gain a glimpse of pure remembrance of the luminous, marvelous YOU. True happiness, true understanding and the secret to Significant Success lies in this basic realization of the true you.



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