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  • Group Healing: Spiritual Decluttering

  • Group Healing: Taking out the Trash

  • Group Healing: Entity Removal

  • Frequency Spa: Spiritual Warrior

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Our spirits have collected lifetimes of clutter that surrounds us and prohibits us from connecting clearly with our truest self. No matter if we find ourselves in a spiritual state of confusion and fogginess or a sense of strength and clarity, we can always work to release unnecessary frequencies. 

Join Mas in this effective group healing where he will work to help you to:

  • Disencumber your spirit illuminating your brilliance

  • Allow Pure Source frequencies to purify your spirit and unburden you from the weight of collected distortions

  • Gain the confidence that comes with an orderly, clear perspective

  • Feel the expansive presence of your spirit so you can vividly experience richness of your existence

The decluttering of this group healing will leave you poised for productive spiritual awakening and an effective transformation. 




With every life experience that helps us towards our journey to higher consciousness, our spirit diligently works to expose, identify, and remove old patterns, life programming, and distortions that keep us from becoming our highest, limitless self. This is the process our spirits take on during Medihealings and with every 21 Day program. As this spiritual debris accumulates we see, feel and sense the trash around us often leaving us in a state of discomfort, agitation and heaviness.

Join Mas in this rejuvenating Group Healing of renewal where he will work with your spirit to take out the trash… and: 

  • Understand at a higher level why you have held on to the trash in the first place

  • Remove unnecessary, leftover distortions that no longer serve us

  • Clear our space spiritually to allow for fresh, invigorating experiences

  • Create new patterns so we don’t attract and accumulate new burdensome frequencies

  • Close openings within our system that bring in distortions and suboptimal programming

  • Instill a filter to keep trash from coming in while still allowing frequencies of abundance and limitlessness

  • Realize that any perceived negativity experienced through the removal process are long-standing patterns that are now clearing

  • Let go of anything we are clinging to in order to upgrade your quality of life and connect with your highest self

It’s time to let go. Let go of all that is holding you back, all of the distortions you have carried with you for years or lifetimes. Take out the trash, refurbish your existence so you feel light, bright, and sparkly clean, ready to take on all of the rich adventure and comprehensive experiences life has ready for you. 




Do you have the sense that you are not alone? Can you feel another presence physically, emotionally or spiritually other than your own? 

Entities of lower frequencies exist in our world, entangling into our spirits. Their power over you may debilitating. They may torment you or direct your life in ways that don't allow you to be your truest self.

Whether you are suspicious of their presence or desperate to remove them from your life, in this healing, Mas will clear these foreign entities from your spirit. He will instill a filter so that you are protected from other life-forms seeking to control you or attach to you. 

Without their dark presence, your spirit will feel lighter, brighter and free of the distorted powers of these entities.  Your higher spirit will emerge as you walk forward in your life, secure that you are connected to the protective frequencies of Pure Source.



Rise up spiritual warriors and emblazon your innermost might and fortitude in this special 3AM New Year Power Medihealing. A trifecta will magnify the intensity of the meditation and healing with the coming together of the new year, the most spiritual hour of the day, and the rising of the full supermoon, resulting in an explosive strengthening of spirit. 

Mas invites you to stand valiantly on the edge of brilliance in the new year and enrobe your spirit in divine armor, signifying your conviction and valor to your spiritual awakening. Together this potent Mastermind group will augment our powers as we prepare to face the future awakening of humanity.  

Within you lies determination and steadfast resolve waiting to be unveiled. Mas will work with your spirit helping you to reinforce your foundation and courage. As you ascend and grow brighter you will face great darkness and it is up to you to create and command protection and mastery against any opposing forces that will seek to derail and control you. But fear not, through your connection to Pure Source you will embrace your abilities and come to understand the inconceivable powers you possess and the divine, glorious being that you are.

Confidently step forth as the new you, a luminesce spiritual warrior assuredly poised and fearlessly gazing into the horizon of the new year. Ready for all that lies ahead... and together with your fellow warriors you will spread your wings, illuminating the universe with brilliance and light. You will swoop down throughout the world, lifting emptiness and gloom as you spread the purity of truth. You are a spiritual warrior and your time is here.