Frequency Spa: Confidence (2018 Upgrade)

Group Healing: Breaking Through Your Financial Ceiling Part 1 - Removing Financial Blocks

Group Healing: Breaking Through Your Financial Ceiling Part 2 - Instilling Wealth Frequency

Mas Live: Success Mastery for Business (San Francisco, CA event)

Group Healing: Passion for Life

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CONFIDENCE (2018 Upgrade)

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s much sexier than any body part.” ~ Aimee Mullins, Oprah Magazine, May 2004

Real healing starts from within, so does true beauty. Join us for this powerful Frequency Spa session.  Mas will instill in you the frequency of confidence, self-esteem and a sense of deserving, from where true beauty flourishes and your personal magnetism resides.

During this Spa session, Mas works on…

  • Removing blocks of self-doubt and negative self-image

  • Quieting incessant mind-chatters & self-destructive thoughts

  • Clearing the need for the approval of others

  • Dissolving limiting beliefs, illogical fears and anxieties

  • Neutralizing negative or positive emotions not serving your highest good

  • Instilling the frequency of the courage to speak up and stand up for yourself

  • Instilling the frequency of compassion and kindness, to yourself

  • Instilling the frequency of self-worth & self-acceptance

  • Instilling the frequency of the healthy ego (not arrogance)

  • Instilling the frequency of grace and poise

  • Instilling the frequency of unconditional love, for yourself

  • Instilling the frequency of the knowing that you are beautiful and you are loved

  • & Much more…


PARTS 1 & 2


Do you always feel that just when you are about to cross a threshold into a new financial foray, something keeps you back?  Maybe you teeter on the poverty line, always striving to break free of past cycles; yet stability slips through your fingers every time. Perhaps you live comfortably, but can’t seem to pull in more substantial success and abundance? It’s as if you keep hitting a ceiling that won’t let you go any higher on the monetary ladder. 

Hold tight as Mas strips away the limiting frequencies of your financial ceiling, launching you into a trajectory that breaks through your financial limitations!  Let the ceiling crash down and allow your financial success to open up to endless possibilities…to an abundance you may never have imagined.

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Have you ever wondered why some of us struggle in business, while others breeze through life with money and professional achievements flowing to them effortlessly?  Do you struggle with fear of failure, or even fear of success, that keeps you paralyzed and unable to move forward with your career goals? Or maybe you have achieved a degree of success in your work, but feel like you are stuck and unable or unsure of how to reach that next level of abundance and prosperity? 

The surprising truth is that many of our difficulties in business are not our "fault" or a product of our conscious choices, but are actually the result of energetic blocks and distortions that we have picked up over the course of this life and our many past lives. It's only when we identify and shift these frequencies within ourselves that we can break the patterns that have been undermining our success for hundreds or even thousands of years. Our new Business MAStery program is designed to empower you to do just that. 

Join Mas Sajady for the debut of his eagerly-anticipated SuccessMAStery for Business Introductory Intensive. The workshop will give you a deep understanding of the timeless energetic principles that impact our professional and personal lives, and includes several potent Medihealings designed to support you in recognizing and removing the energetic blocks you have around business and professional development.  

Once you are clear of these distortions, you will be able to harness the power of Pure Source and Exponential Intelligence to achieve unheard-of results in your existing business or whatever career you desire. Join us for this exciting first step into a new professional paradigm that will fundamentally transform the way you think and feel about working and making money. 

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The true goal of our spirit is to be here in life and enjoy the full spectrum it has to offer. Life isn’t meant to be solely survived, nor is it meant to be lackluster. What if we could wake up each day and face even the most mundane of tasks with enthusiasm and zest? Join Mas in this group healing where he will collaborate with your spirit to instill frequencies of sheer passion and inspiration towards life. Mas will help you to see that life opportunities abound that will get your heart beating, keep your eyes wide and evoke intense exhilaration. In this Group Healing, your spirit may:

  • Shake off layers of stagnation and the humdrum lenses through which you see the world

  • Brighten each day by solidly connecting your spirit and physical form to bring about tantalizing feelings of jubilation and awe

  • Unfold new and exciting paths to help lead you to adventure and spiritual elevation

  • Impart a sense of enchantment and delight into the essence of your being

  • Fill in spiritual gaps of lack, incomplete self-love, and dissatisfaction so you feel whole, satiated, and grounded

  • Stir up feelings of anticipation and eagerness to explore the intricacies of life, understand your spirit, and renew relationships

  • Be reminded of the joyousness of this world, our humanity and the magic surrounding you

In this group healing, your spirit will happily provoke your senses so you wake up in this lifetime feeling fresh and animated, ready to dive into the nuances of each day no matter the tactical plans that lie ahead. You will spark an internal passion for life that will leave you feeling exuberant, inquisitive and hungry for the journey that awaits you in this lifetime and beyond.