Mas Sajady EI Podcast 164: Ayahuasca - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Part 1


WARNING: This podcast episode contains high-level frequencies that come with ayahuasca and may induce abnormal states of consciousness.

This topic on ayahuasca comes on the heels of the “purity wave” where people are now feeling pressure to change. In Part 1 of this discussion, I also mention how other people and products (or substances) have become more popular as a means to effect that change as well. And while I don’t condone them, I was drawn to provide insights as to how you can discern authenticity and navigate about their usage, especially ayahuasca, safely.

In a nutshell, ayahuasca resets you into precision with time or connects you with the present moment. So it can be beneficial for, what I refer to as time-based disorders such as, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression and PTSD. However this episode is also part cautionary tale, as your mental and physical bodies need to be primed and hydrated before the ceremony and after the ceremony given sufficient time to process the initial purge.

One of the greatest factors to the ceremony is the shaman or guide. And like all products and services that become a la mode, buyer beware. Not all are pure. Yet if you still wish to proceed, I provide some useful tips to help keep you aware and protected so you may have a successful journey.

That said, be sure to join me on Part 2 of the next episode of Ayahuasca - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, and learn how you can guide yourself to use ayahuasca properly and maintain those higher levels of high performance consciousness.

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“Any thing or substance can have positive life-altering benefits if you are awakened.”

Show Notes:

  • What is ayahuasca

  • How does ayahuasca travel through your body once ingested

  • What are the different side effects of taking ayahuasca as an awakened being versus a non-awakened being

  • How is ayahuasca a near-death space that helps reset you

  • How does being an awakened being help prevent you from snapping back into your old patterns after using ayahuasca

  • What is treatment-resistant depression

  • Do drugs for anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. help connect to present time

  • Are all shamans professional

  • What makes Mas qualified to speak on ayahuasca without ever having taken the substance

  • Can ayahuasca be taken without being distorted

  • What is the difference between success patterns versus EI success patterns

“The purity wave presents opportunities for you to stay stable or take advantage of it.”

  • How can ayahuasca consume or destroy you over time

  • How is ayahuasca a potential cleansing agent

  • Could ayahuasca be used for Alzheimer’s Disease

  • How important the clarity of the guide in the process

  • Is it the purity of the ayahuasca or the shaman/guide that is most important

  • At what level would so-called medicine men need to resonate to be a pure guide

  • What did shamans of old need to go through to begin guiding you

  • How can EI help you before going into an ayahuasca ceremony

  • How can an experience, like going into kundalini, via ayahuasca possibly destroy your nervous system

  • When Mas sees a spirit or vital force pixelated as a result of doing ayahuasca, can the spirit become solid again by practicing EI

  • Is the physical purging that comes with ayahuasca helpful like a spiritual or physical detox or release

“People may become successful to escape past traumas, but is that 360 degrees of abundance?”

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