Mas Sajady EI Podcast #75: A Post-Election Game Plan

This special episode was a live call recorded on the day after the election when the people felt lost with their troubled emotions.

Mas invited people to this call with this message - "With a new American presidency coming into power today, whether you feel disgusted or elated, the exterior condition is ultimately irrelevant to the Truth.

Throughout history, there are always people who have thrived no matter what the political and economic environment. Only through strong people can a strong nation could be built."

During a talk on the power hierarchy in the spirit realms, Mas said 'I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe.' to describe the respect that the dark has for the carriers of the light. But this sentence has been taken out of the context and caused misunderstanding and controversy.  

Mas shares insights on how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dealt with the forces of dark and light on their own journeys, and what we can learn from them. H gives you tips on how to get to a higher level of awareness, and how to avoid the pitfalls that exist as you rise. 

As a bonus to our listeners, we have three Medihealings® in this episode. These powerful meditations build off of each other to help you balance from within so you can be immune from the turbulence of the political landscape that is so pervasive in our environment right now. 

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"As long as you’re maintaining a high level of awareness, it doesn’t matter who gets elected in our country."

Show Notes:

  • What the Presidency really means in the United States

  • Maintaining balance within yourself no matter who is President

  • Getting to a higher level of awareness from within

  • What happened to Trump during the campaign

  • Why this election isn't the end of the world

  • What democracy in the United States looks like today

  • Why the American system might actually be "rigged"

"You might think it’s the end of the world, but it’s actually a higher wave of purity coming through."

  • What a superior life means from a Pure Source perspective

  • Why Trump is insecure

  • How true power works

  • An overview of the dark and light side

  • How to navigate the light and the dark

  • How not to get controlled by groupthink

  • Why you always want to connect to Pure Source

  • How the stock market is doing and where it is going

"There is no true power in wealth in this physical reality."

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