Mas Sajady EI Podcast #115: Holiday Ascendance

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The holidays are here, and in this episode we explore how this time with our families is a great opportunity to rise above our old patterns and limiting ways of thinking that have been holding us back most of our lives and achieve a new level of spiritual and emotional awareness that will greatly benefit us on our journey to higher consciousness and abundance in all areas of life. 

I begin by giving you an understanding of what holiday ascendance actually means, and how our family connections and traditions, even when seemingly toxic, can serve as tools we may use to break through our inner barriers.  

Then I outline the three stages of "cleaning up" this family baggage and achieving ascendance. This includes what to look for and how to identify each level, and also how to progress through it and reach the next. Some of the most important spiritual growth emotions may surprise you, such as frustration, anger or even rage. Your ascension journey will culminate in a blissful feeling of objective appreciation for every aspect of your family relationships and traditions. 

We end with a Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, that's designed to erase all the family energies that have been suppressing or frustrating you over the years. Once you are a clear channel, I infuse you with true holiday cheer so you can use your family connection as a catalyst for spiritual growth instead of an obstacle to enlightenment. 


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"Any time family gets together, it's a great opportunity to ascend to new heights."

Show Notes:

  • What is Holiday Ascendance
  • How will working with Mas affect your relationship with your family
  • What are the different stages of ascending
  • How will EI help you with your family during the holidays
  • What happens after you recognize influential patterns
  • How long will it take to ascend
"There's a reason you were born into that family...regardless of whether you think it's a blessing or a curse." 
  • How can EI help your family ascend
  • Should you carry on family traditions after you ascend
  • Where do customs and traditions come from
  • How is the occult connected to holiday traditions
  • Why do holiday traditions exist
  • Should you question family traditions
"Instead of escaping family time, use it as a power source." 

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