Mas Sajady EI Podcast #7: Medihealing® - A Powerful Form of Gratitude

This is the first Exponential Intelligence® episode focused purely on sharing a Medihealing® with you. A Medihealing is my guided meditation and healing that supercharges you into higher frequencies. 

In this Medihealing, I introduce you to a powerful form of gratitude. Sometimes, we are bound by gratitude; we feel like we owe it to those people or experiences we are grateful for to produce something in return. I teach you to have a higher form of gratitude that is not binding and brings you closer with Pure Source.

"You start to see the gifts that other people give you."

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"A mastermind will push you through any blocks you might see in your life."

Show Notes:

  • Why a more powerful form of gratitude is possible

  • How religion can sometimes bind people

  • Why nothing that you have gratitude for should come with a binding experience for you

  • What this special Medihealing will do for you

  • How a Mastermind is created

  • I walk you through a Medihealing specifically designed to reach a more powerful form of gratitude

"Look at all the times you were bound by the nice things people did for you."

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"Most of you feel indebted to that experience or that person."