Mas Sajady EI Podcast #129: The New Success Paradigm

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While success is often measured in terms of physical possessions and titular accolades, we also hear about the internal emptiness and health challenges or addictions that accompany them. Yet what some CEO’s have amassed in great wealth to cost them everything worth keeping, many of us would die to have what they do not want.

This episode includes a potent Medihealing where I guide you instead to become whole and complete on the inside, so your outside environment becomes its direct reflection. The new success paradigm is to help solve the issue of creating mass abundance without the destruction of your sense of self. I help kick out the emptiness and bring in a higher standard of abundance that includes all the niceties of physical possessions we could ever desire.

With The New Success Paradigm, you can have the best of both worlds to gain not only a greater sense of wellbeing but also business ideas that generate a workspace of sustainable ROI for your company and ultimately the planet.


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"The New Success Paradigm is about creating mass abundance without destroying your personal sense of self."

Show Notes:

  • What is The New Success Paradigm
  • Why is Mas explaining The New Success Paradigm
  • What podcast episode should you listen to to understand what is a Medihealing
  • How can you understand The New Success Paradigm from an internal perspective
  • How can you become your limitless self
"Become so efficient that you do not have to oppress people, employees, the planet or yourselves to live a higher standard." 
  • What is wrong with the old success paradigm
  • How have CEOs been affected by the old success paradigm
  • What are the components of The New Success Paradigm
  • Why do we need The New Success Paradigm
  • How do people become prisoners of their own wealth
"Significant Success reflects your inner wealth; your outside environment becomes a standard where you don't feel empty or incomplete."

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