Mas Sajady EI Podcast #83: Mas Mechanics Part 1

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In this special episode, I explore how my abilities work on many levels to transform the lives of others. I answer your questions on all aspects of how I tap into Pure Source, and give you insights and tools you can use to elevate yourself even when you are not connected to me. 

I will take you behind-the-scenes and explain how I earned by abilities, what I see when I scan you vibrationally, and how I decode and edit your frequencies. You will learn about the dynamic nature of time and space, and how we always have the power to shift our past, present and future. 

I empower you to take control of your own direct connection to Pure Source, and describe for you what I feel and see when I tap into this limitless power. By the end of this podcast you will have a whole new level of understanding of yourself, my work, and the Universe that supports us all. 

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"At some level we are all connected to everyone else."

Show Notes:

  • What Mas sees when he taps into people

  • Why he sees things individually not collectively

  • What is happening when he snaps his fingers or breathes out sharply

  • How Mas learned to operate at spiritual blueprint level

  • What frequencies look like to Mas

  • How Mas receives information from Pure Source

"You have always had a direct connection to Pure Source; you don't need a church or guru to get you there."

  • How is Mas able to work remotely on anyone worldwide

  • What it means to be a frequency decoder

  • What Mas does when he edits someone's past

  • How Mas is able to see someone's timeline

  • What level of detail is Mas able to see when he scans people

"Your spirit exists outside of space and time - it is infinite."

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