Mas Sajady EI Podcast #77: A Medihealing® on the Power of Water

I have been inspired by my return to Kauai's lush rainforests and crystal blue ocean to create a special Medihealing that taps into the power of water to magnify your spiritual transformation. 

I discuss how water is a recording device that holds onto all sorts of frequencies including memories, and how all of that is absorbed into our bodies when we drink it. I explain the simple secret to resetting the frequencies of water so it will always be safe for you and your loved ones. 

In the Medihealing, which is meditation and healing combined, you will learn an easy three step process to vibrationally heal and reset the water within you, as well as the water that you drink every day. 

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"The frequencies you generate can help shift our water, other people, and the world."

Show Notes:

  • How water magnifies the transformational process

  • Why waterfalls are special

  • Why water is important to us

  • What kind of water is healthy to consume

  • How water contains the memory of the universe

"Thy water is thy medicine."

  • What kind of water is purified from an EI perspective

  • How water records memories and other frequencies

  • How can we make our drinking water more pure

  • What Mas does to reset the memory of water

"Water contains a divine memory of the Universe."

This Week's Mas Work:

If you have a high powered microscope, please conduct the following three tests and send the results to

  1. Freeze a sample of water, then unfreeze it and look at molecular structure under microscope

  2. Play this Medihealing to a sample of water, then freeze and unfreeze it and look at molecular structure under microscope

  3. Imagine the anchor from this Medihealing for 1 minute while focusing on a sample of water, then freeze and unfreeze it and look at molecular structure under microscope.

Please take pictures if possible and send with your results. 

This Week's Medihealing:

In the Medihealing, Mas helps you understand and heal the water inside your body, as well as reset the memory of the water you drink.

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