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Group Healing | Protection | Online

Protection | December 28
9:00am PT / 11:00am CT

In this world, there is so much beauty and light but there is also a lot of darkness and danger. When we come from a place of strength we can shield ourselves and our loved ones from that which might hurt us. But sometimes, the power and strength of the darkness can overshadow our brightness. Sometimes, we simply need protection. 

Join Mas as he connects us to Pure Source and helps to protect us from a wide range of looming dangers and instill you with:

  • A sense of peace and underlying security
  • Protective frequencies to repel mean spirited and ill-intentioned individuals
  • Inner strength to prepare you to stand against darkness and evil
  • Clarity to create healthy boundaries stopping those who take advantage of you
  • A reinforced spine and strong foundation to communicate your Pure Source connection so manipulative entities steer clear of you
  • A fortified sense of self so that you broadcast your goodness and pull in beautiful experiences
  • A clear internal voice to help guide you away from peril and direct you towards your highest path

Whether you are seeking protection and strength for yourself or you gift this to a loved one, this group healing is a significant one.  Let your fear subside as Mas guides you into a structure of healthy defensive frequencies allowing your bright and complete spirit to shine through.

 $30 | ($20 Early Bird through 12/26) - Click to Register
Included with the December 21 Day SUBLIME Package