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Group Healing - Trauma | Online


December 6 | 9am PT / 11am CT/ 12pm ET

Trauma is an emotional response to an acute, disturbing experience that is inherently distressing and usually leaves us with relentless, long-lasting emotional, physical and spiritual scars. It can be debilitating and utterly oppressive trapping you in a painful, inescapable reality. 

But trauma does not have to define you or continue to run your life.  If you have been seeking to escape from the taunting, pervasive effects of a traumatic event, please join Mas so he can facilitate spiritual healing to:

  • Help remove or edit the memory and spiritual programming of the event so you can restore your life 
  • Spiritually reject the ties to trauma and the feeling that there is no way out 
  • Break free from the chains that render you powerless to hurt and despair
  • Eliminate denial, shock or disbelief that may be lingering in the crevices of your soul
  • Eradicate the incessant anxiety and fear that wells up inside of you, uncontrollably crippling your ability to fully enjoy life
  • Expel unwanted guilt, shame and self-blame that cloaks the light within you
  • Extinguish the desperation and desire to numb yourself to life and once again find passion to live
  • Reinstall confidence, self-love and spiritual brilliance
  • Clean out frequencies of trauma so you create a safe, unencumbered physical environment for your spirit so it can fully rejoin you here on earth
  • Once again integrate into life, no longer controlled by your pain body or the strings tethering you to the traumatic event
  • Tear away from the layers of time distortion and find restored balance rooted in this physical space-time
  • Invite in feelings of tender joy, trust and assurance and shed the weight of depression and sadness
  • Allow yourself to look at life through healed eyes, once again seeing the beauty and possibilities that your life presents
  • Regain spiritual empowerment, restore your strength and ascend to a space where Pure Source energy wraps you in immaculate love and completeness

You are so much more than your experiences. With this group healing, you will regain spiritual empowerment and rise above the memories of your trauma, reclaiming a life where you feel fully, connect without inhibition or fear, and savor the exquisite potential of your spirit and the life before you. 

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 12/4)

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Included with the DECEMBER 21 Day SUBLIME Package