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Group Healing - Bringing Your Spirit Out of Hiding | Online

Bringing Your Spirit Out of Hiding
March 25th | 9am PT / 11am CT

Mas often sees where individuals have "hidden" their spirit in an effort to protect it. Some people's spirits have been concealed in closets, rolled into a tight scroll, or compacted into tiny spaces, hidden away from destructive, painful life situations and frequencies. 

Perhaps you have noticed that you don't feel acknowledged, are often not heard or just don't feel a part of human situations? Maybe years or lifetimes ago, your beautiful spirit stepped into the shadows in an effort to save you. It was needed then but is no longer necessary.  

  • Welcome your bright, glorious spirit back into the light with this Group Healing where Mas will work to edit your frequencies so you can:
  • Reunite with your spirit and invite it back into your physical body
  • Trust that your spirit is protected and can safely reveal its beauty without harm
  • Feel a noticeable shift in your presence and interaction with this world, with the warmth and tantalizing energy of the world enveloping you
  • Rejoin life situations and fully engage in human interaction while being truly noticed, seen and heard for the first time in a long time
  • Find comfort in the ever-presence of your spirit; know you are never alone and will be beautifully guided throughout your life by your spirit  
  • Step strongly in your path to awakening with serenity and strength delighting your spirit and physical body with all the experiences of human existence

For some of you, you will immediately feel the shift of welcoming your spirit back in. For others, be patient as your spirit reclaims its space. In the time that is right for you, your spirit will once again play the role in your life and your presence as it was always meant to be. 

$30 | ($20 Early Bird through 3/23) - Registration Details

Included with the MARCH 21 Day SUBLIME Package