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Group Healing - Feeling Responsible for Others' Happiness | Online

Mas Sajady Program: Group Healing

Feeling Responsible for Others' Happiness
March 8th | 9am PT / 11am CT

Your aging parents are mad at you because you didn't put them first...your children expect you to help them constantly...your spouse is grumpy because your plans changed...our friend feels left out in conversation...and for some reason you feel weighed down by their disappointment. You feel responsible and they look to you to correct the situation. Does this sound familiar? 

For many of us, we feel an unavoidable responsibility for keeping other people content.  All of this emotional density layers upon us and pulls us down, covering our bright spirit. So often we go out of our way to help others with their tasks, requests and life quandaries but are left with little energy to put towards ourselves. It's time to stop feeling responsible for everyone else's life happiness. You no longer have to feel exasperated and exhausted by others' expectations.

Join Mas in this Group Healing where he will help to shift your frequencies so that you:

  • Unbind your spirit from the chains of emotional responsibility for others
  • Integrate the knowledge that every individual is responsible for their own happiness
  • Accept that by helping yourself first, you will have a greater contribution to those you love 
  • Effortlessly prioritize your needs over others
  • Feel confident in saying no to unhealthy demands from others
  • Recognize the patterns and frequencies in others that create their despondency
  • Gain strength & clarity so that you realize that you are still a loving individual even if you don't tie yourself to others' needs
  • Blossom and flourish in this renewed space of clarity and unencumbered presence

$30 | ($20 Early Bird through 3/6) - Registration Details

Included with the MARCH 21 Day SUBLIME Package