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Group Healing - Demolishing Emotional Walls | Online

Demolishing Emotional Walls
May 24th | 9am PT / 11am CT

From behind walls, many of us stare out into the world fearful of exposing our true inner feelings. Perhaps you were wounded or dismissed in your life and learned to protect yourself by internalizing your emotions. Or you were never given the secure space to develop the skill of healthy emotional expression so you built walls around your heart and learned to keep your feelings contained.  

Emotions are a unique part of our human experience and integral to our communication and connection with others. If it is difficult for you to share your honest thoughts and reveal your emotions, if you harbor a sense of trepidation about being openly expressive, or if this applies to someone you love please join Mas in this group healing where he will help your spirit tear down the emotional walls you have built, so you can:

  • Rediscover the deep, honest feelings you have so carefully guarded
  • Gain a more transparent understanding of your emotions so you can use them as healthy tools in your life
  • Loosen the binds around your heart and voice
  • Feel liberated in your connection and communication with others
  • Reveal your complete spirit through its human translation in the form of emotional expression
  • Become unencumbered and secure in voicing your thoughts and passions
  • Remove the debris of fear and conservation to fully expose the brilliance of your spirit

The demolition you will perform in this group healing will give you the strength and liberty to walk forward, lighter in your spirit and more open in your heart. You will radiate all that you are with your new found emotional clarity and freedom.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 5/22)

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Included with the May 21 Day SUBLIME Package