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Healing MAStery | Fall 2017 Class | Online

HealingMAStery Fall 2017 - Begins August 30


Aug 30 - Nov 19 | Registration Opens August 5 at 10:30am CT

The most requested & highly anticipated program is finally available!

Through years of transforming lives, recreating realities and healing the physical and spiritual wounds of thousands around the world, one question/request Mas has been asked the most – “Can you teach what you do?”

The answer is ‘YES’!


Joining the HealingMAStery requires the completion of 3 or more 21-Day Medihealing programs. The 21-Day Medihealing program is one of the most important practices, especially for those who wish to be on the journey of the HealingMAStery series. HealingMAStery Full Program Alumni are welcome to enroll again.

HealingMAStery Priority Registration List

Joining the Priority List allows you to receive early registration privileges to the next available Healing MAStery course before the general public. When the next course is available, you will be given a 1-hour window to register before the registration opens to the general public. 


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