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Mas Sajady Live | Full-Day Event with Alternatives - London, UK | In-Person

Mas Sajady Live Events Program


Full-Day Event with Alternatives - “Meaning & Purpose”
February 17th | In-Person

About the Workshop

Is there one true meaning and purpose in life for all of humanity? Or do each of us have a unique objective in this lifetime? Or is our purpose simply to be here on this planet as humans and to experience the breadth and depth of our existence? 

Join Mas Sajady in this thought provoking and life-changing one-day event. Challenge the entire way you view the world, our purpose and the role our lives play on our planet each and every day. Seek to better understand your true self, your limitless potential and expand your existence so that you can access your highest state of consciousness where wisdom and contentment reside.

Mas Sajady has had two near death experiences and as a result, he came into supernatural abilities that have allowed him to connect to Exponential Intelligence and wisdom. From this space he is able to help you edit your core programming that directs your life, your rulesets and your belief systems. During this unique and transformative event, Mas will guide you into Medihealings® (meditation + healing combined), where he will help you to:

- Release feelings of emptiness, insignificance and banality

- Realize the opportunity that lies in each moment and experience

- Find joy and purpose in even the most mundane of tasks

- Realize the miraculous Truth of your earthly existence

- Unlock the marvels of the physical when viewed through spiritual eyes

- Discover the keys to all fulfilment and abundance that reside within

By connecting to your higher consciousness, Mas will work with you to help optimize your spiritual frequencies and get on a life path that offers abundance, comprehensive satisfaction and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

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