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Evening Event with Musician Tim Wheater - 'Deep Space with Mas & Tim' - Central London, UK

Mas Sajady Live Events Program


Evening Event with Musician, Tim Wheater
Central London | UK

February 19th | 7.30-9.30 pm | In-Person

We are excited to announce that transformational catalyst & healer Mas Sajady & acclaimed UK Musician Tim Wheater will be joining forces to put on an evening event in private grounds within one of London’s most beautiful parks, Regent’s Park. The event will take place in the elegant Herringham Hall at Regent’s University, with its high ceilings and huge arched windows. The University is approximately a 10 minute walk from Baker Street tube station.

This will be an opportunity to bathe and bask in the beautiful and supportive energies of Pure Source in unique surroundings as Tim and Mas generate frequencies at the physical and spiritual levels.

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‘Deep Space with Mas & Tim’ – a Frequency Immersion

‘Deep Space with Mas & Tim’ is an exclusive event for our UK audience that we are offering in London for the very first time.

The event will provide the opportunity to dive in deep with Mas & Tim for an evening of frequency immersions, bathing and basking in the beautiful and supportive energies of Pure Source, as Tim’s music soothes, comforts and uplifts, while Mas works silently on the group, generating healing frequencies at the divine blue-print or Spirit level.

This is the perfect opportunity for some deep frequency work, and a complete reset and unplug in relaxed surroundings. 

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Tim Wheater
For those who are new to Tim Wheater, Tim’s music taps into a deep healing energy, taking us on a profound journey of exploration & discovery, and stirring something deep inside.  His very first solo album, ‘Awakenings’, attracted a deluge of responses from healing professionals from both traditional & alternative medical fields, who noticed his music had a powerful healing effect on their clients.

For more information on Tim’s journey and his music please visit his website at:


Mas Sajady
For those who are new to Mas Sajady, Mas is a transformational catalyst and healer, and the founder of Exponential Intelligence®, Medimorphosis and Medihealing®.  He has helped tens of thousands around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives, so they achieve not only success, but also significance in their lives.

Mas works at the divine blueprint or Spirit level to bring about change, generating frequencies to help remove issues at the core of your being so that you can reach your optimum potentiality and obtain rapid and tangible results.  “Change your Frequency, Change your Life” he shares.

For more information on Mas’ work and his journey of 2 Near Death Experiences please visit his website at:


Format for Evening

Additional Event - Private Reception – 6-7pm: £250: This is an exclusive Event (limited to just 12 spaces), which includes a seat in the front row, light refreshments, the opportunity to mingle with Mas + to receive Hands-On Healing.  For tickets please click below.

Deep Space with Mas & Tim’ – 7.30-9.30pm: £25/£35: This beautiful frequency immersion is the main event of the evening. For tickets please click below (VIP tickets include the entry fee).

Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment as the event takes place in a small, intimate space.

VIP Seating (row 1 ): £250/person (12 spaces) - Includes Private Reception with Mas from 6-7pm - see above.
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Preferred Seating (row 2): £35/person (12 spaces).
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General Entry: £25/person.

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