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February EI MAStery: Let's Talk About Sex


EI MAStery

February Topic: Let's Talk About Sex

Wednesday | Feb 21 | 6pm PT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET

Mas has talked about sex many times but some essential questions remain to be asked so we can comprehensively understand the Exponential Intelligence point of view regarding sex, its role in spirituality, in relationships, the differences between genders and its natural life cycle throughout physical age. "Let’s talk about sex" with Mas and EI in this informative and captivating discussion that may help us breakthrough personal blocks and see sexuality from a whole new perspective.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Part 1: The Big Picture
- Besides physical pleasure and procreation, what is the spiritual purpose of sex from EI's perspective? 
- Why is sexual union a divine connection? 
- Why do many religions preach the absence of sex?
- Is sex needed for our spiritual evolution or is it optional?
- With so much emphasis on orgasm, is there a spiritual significance to an orgasm?
- Do we take on some of our sexual partner's frequencies and adopt their distortions/strengths? 
- What is Exponential Intelligence’s view on open sexual relationships? 
- It’s been said that the enlightenment is a lonely journey, will we naturally lose sexual desires or must we detach from our sexual relationship in order to ascent? 

Part 2: Deeper Understanding & Practical Application
-  For some people, spiritual conversation or interaction can feel intimate and even sexually arousing.  Why does this happen? 
- If we are inflicted with physical self confidence issues, poor self-image or feel that parts of our body are inadequate, such as the size of a man’s sex organs, womens’ breasts, etc. – how can we best move past this and come into a higher understanding of sexual connection for full expression of ourselves?
- What is the best way for those of us burdened by feelings of guilt towards sex or operating with a lens that sees sexuality as “dirty” to release these misconceptions?
- For those who have had sexual experiences that they regret, how can they remove any lingering distortion? 
- Many people report that the sexual spark fades in long standing relationships. Is this a natural progression or can the passion be maintained? What can those in committed relationships do to make sex more passionate, more spiritual and more exciting with our current partners?
- For many, hormonal shifts such as after children or surrounding menopause, seem to lessen their sex drive. What is EI’s perspective on the role of hormones for both men and woman throughout life and how can they regain a satisfactory sexual experience? 
- Is spiritual sex meant to be between man and woman only?
- Are highly spiritually advanced people more detached when it comes to having sex?  Is monogamy an issue any more at that level? 
- Is there a benefit to exploring sexual encounters outside of your relationship? Is there a way to do this while still honoring your partner?
-  In what way can sex deplete you spiritually and what does this mean for all those who use sex haphazardly? Can casual sex or one-night stands ever be beneficial?
- Are alternative forms of sex such as S&M, fetishes, etc. less pure or spiritually connected? 
- In many religions, we are taught that using birth control or obstructing pregnancies is immoral. What is EI’s perspective on this? 
- Is masturbation a hindrance to our spiritual growth or can it serve a spiritual purpose?  
- Can we use more playful forms of sex such the use of sex toys and role play for a spiritual experience? 
- What is happening at spirit level with sexual distortions such as rape, sexual aggression, and pedophilia? 
 - Is there a spiritual implication when your body experiences physical pain during sex making it unenjoyable but you still desire sexual experiences?  What can we do to release this pain completely so we can enjoy sex again?
- At a spirit level, why do people develop porn and sex addictions? What can those afflicted to do to break these patterns?
- How can those of us with trust issues or a fear of intimacy overcome our blocks so that we are more comfortable with sexual closeness? 
- How can those who have experienced sexual abuse heal so that they may fully enjoy the connection of the sexual experience? 
- When people have trouble orgasming, does it mean they have trouble connecting spiritually? 
- Can you help any individuals who have trouble orgasming understand what our blocks are and can you help us clear them? Multiple orgasms would be great ;) 

Part 3: Summary
- What are some ways that we can become more in touch with our sexuality/sensuality?
- Does a sexual union have the spiritual power to raise or lower the collective consciousness? 
- How to use sexual power to ascend?
- How to prevent the spirit from being depleted by sex? 
- Can you help us experience a state of spiritually connected ecstasy?


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