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Group Healing - Heartache & Breakups | Online


Heartache & Breakups
Feb 7 | 7pm PT / 9pm CT/ 10pm ET

The ability to love another is one of life’s most quintessential and sublime experiences. But when two paths separate, the ensuing heartache can leave us devastated. The experience of a breakup is an opportunity to own our strength, separate from the unnecessary, claim our future and live our fullest, unlimited potential. But it can also leave us distorted, magnifying past pain and our deepest fears and insecurities. In this pivotal group healing, Mas will work with your spirit so that you may finally release the binding ties of heartache and come to see the truth so that you may:

  • Loosen the grip that clings to the past, deleting physical and emotional expressions of hopelessness, despair, depression and anxiety
  • See with a clear perspective that which truly serves you without sacrificing yourself for the illusion of security in unbalanced or incomplete relationships
  • Release the grief of the life you knew, sparking renewed excitement for the path ahead
  • Readily face unhealed wounds, fears and insecurities once and for all so that you are no longer condemned to repeat the past
  • Bring comfort and closure to past relationships, releasing feelings of responsibility for the other’s well being
  • Open and heal the heart space so that you are free to fully love again, strengthening from every loss and discarding unneeded baggage and distortions
  • End the search for external fulfillment, reinvigorating your passion for life and accessing unconditional levels of joy and fulfillment that are not reliant upon any person or circumstance
  • Instill connection to the truth and knowing that you already possess all that you need and a limitless life is available in every moment
  • Unleash the strength to begin anew, with openness, vulnerability and bravery to welcome all that lies ahead

With the help of this Medihealing, cast off the shackling chains of heartache and accept the chance to experience new dynamics, unparalleled self-love, fulfillment and contentment. Trust in spirit’s guidance to a life better than can be imagined filled with infinite possibilities. Fortify a connection and inner strength that remain constant in the face of loss, and recognize life as the miracle it is, celebrating the wonder of existence.

$30 | $20 (Early Bird through 11:59pm CT 2/5)

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Included with the FEBRUARY 21 Day SUBLIME Package