Mas Sajady EI Podcast #113: EI and Islam Part 2

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This episode of Exponential Intelligence is the conclusion of our exploration of the Islamic faith and their prophet, Muhammad. To hear the first half of our discussion, please listen to Episode 112. In this installment I go even deeper into the beliefs and practices of Muslims, and how they match up to the truths of Exponential Intelligence as well the tenets of the other major religions worldwide. 

I begin this episode by diving into some of the controversial beliefs and misunderstood beliefs of the Islamic faith, including sexual practices, gender roles and the meticulous cleanliness practiced by most devout Muslims. I share the truth directly from Pure Source of the role women play in society and the spiritual beauty of sex. 

We continue by discussing the 5 Pillars of Islam, which are the five fundamental beliefs that all practicing Muslims live their lives by. From belief in Allah as the one and only God to the day of judgement and the end of time, I give you Exponential Intelligence's perspective on the true meaning of these principles and how you can use them to ascend in your own spiritual practice regardless of your religious affiliation (or lack thereof). 

This episode concludes with a powerful Medihealing, which is meditation and healing to accelerate your ascension into 360 degrees of abundance. I guide you into a deep meditative state, then infuse you energetically with Muhammad's pure intention for the Islamic faith so you can deepen your own spiritual practice and get out of any ruts or practices that aren't serving you on your journey to higher consciousness.  


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"In the trueness of religion, sex isn't impure - it's the closest thing you can get to a spiritual experience."

Show Notes:

  • Does a man touching a woman make him impure

  • Why or how was sex made impure in the Islamic faith

  • What is the true position of men and women in Muslim culture

  • How strong are male and female frequencies respectively

  • What are the greatest pillars of Islam that non-Muslims should know

  • How does EI compare to Islam

"God is basically a global setting - you create everything to help yourself."

  • Which religions believe in the true day of judgement

  • Why did Jesus talk in parables

  • What is pre-destiny

  • Which religions believe in reincarnation

  • What is EI's perspective on reincarnation

  • Have Islamic rules changed since the days of Muhammad

  • How can we bridge the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims today

"Your spirit was created far before the beginning of time."

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