Mas Sajady EI Podcast #8: Family Dynamics

On this episode we dive into family dynamics, uncovering the true reason families exist, and understanding why family dynamics are so often dysfunctional.

We discover how to raise better kids using Exponential Intelligence®, how to best deal with seeing and connecting with family - especially over the holidays, and much more.

We end with a ten minute Medihealing® which will allow you to have a stronger connection with your family and break away from binding patterns.

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"I want to heal people from a broader perspective."

Show Notes:

  • Learn about my family dynamics and why I choose to break away from the family profession

  • Why it is important to be a scientist with your family dynamics

  • The different types of family dynamics

  • How understanding your family dynamics can change your actions

"How people say the words on an underlying level is more important than anything."

  • Why you’ll want to be alone when you go through this work, but why you should also go see your family

  • What and who is a "kingpin"

  • Learn the EI philosophy on disciplining children

  • How EI can break deep cycles that have gone on for lifetimes within your family

  • What are the top questions people ask on family dynamics

  • Join my Medihealing to help view your family through a new lens to see the patterns and programs

This Week's Mas Work:

"Analyze your family from a different perspective. Observe your family dynamics as a scientist." Please share your story with us on Facebook or in the comment section below.

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"The best form of love that I see is from how eagles raise their young ones."