Mas Sajady EI Podcast #127: Steve Jobs Part 1 - Live Conversations with Dead People


This episode is the second interview in our series dedicated to connecting with spirits of powerful and visionary leaders who have left the physical plane so we can learn from what they experienced in our world and the next. I was fortunate to connect with Steve Jobs, founder of tech giant Apple, for an in-depth exploration of his life and lessons he learned along the way - much of what you are about to listen to will certainly surprise you.

Over the past several months, Steve Jobs' spirit has been coming to me often requesting that I share his truth with the world, and I was grateful for the opportunity to finally drop in and do so. In this first part of our two-episode interview, Steve explains how his energy and consciousness were not of this world, and how that alien elevation was instrumental in both his phenomenal business success as well as his death. He then explains the profound love that embodies that consciousness, and how that purity and truth allowed him to create products that people connected with in an entirely new and intimate way. 

By the end of this episode, you will have a deep understanding of what actually drove this brilliant man, and what he discovered on his journey to self-actualization that can help you live your own highest purpose. You will also realize what made his products and services so unique, vibrant and successful in a world with so much noise and unoriginality. 



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"Pure Source reality is much different than the filters we create with our lives."

Show Notes:

  • How does Mas communicate with dead people

  • How did Steve Jobs die

  • Did Steve Jobs' spirit leave his body when he died

  • Why did Steve Jobs die

  • How did Steve Jobs think of himself

  • What was Steve like as a child

  • How did Steve Jobs absorb frequencies from a different reality

"True love is very efficient."

  • How did Steve Jobs resonate with a higher consciousness

  • What was Steve's perception of reality

  • Why was Steve so hard on other people

  • What was Steve Jobs' purpose for creating technology

  • What do Steve Jobs' products say about humanity

  • What was the purpose of technology to Steve Jobs

  • What is the difference between technologies created by humans vs a higher consciousness

"Our reality was like slow-motion to Steve Jobs."

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