Mas Sajady EI Podcast #32: A Medihealing® on Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Today's episode is a Medihealing that will build upon what we learned in Episode 31 about twin flames and soul mates.

I discuss why you can have multiple soul mates, and how they can even be your siblings or friends. During the Medihealing, I’ll guide you into a deep meditation where you’ll see the distortions that you have about twin flames and soul mates. This will help you break free to see the purity that you actually are.

This Medihealing will help you attract a new soul mate or twin flame, or strengthen the relationship you already have. Prepare to be inspired to reach the next level of your personal journey.

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"Soul mates are like angels that come into our life. They might be there for a lifetime or a short time."

Show Notes:

  • Why you can have multiple soulmates and who they may be.

  • How this Medihealing is different from what you might be used to

  • How I pull out your distortions so that you can thrive and shine

  • How the Medihealing will bring you into a state of resonance

"You’ll dispense with distorted views of what a twin flame or soul mate is."

  • Learn about the different definitions of twin flames and soul mates

  • How a soul mate brings what you need to ascend to higher levels

  • Why a soul mate can be your lover, your brother or even your dog

  • How you’ll think about your past relationships after the Medihealing

"This Medihealing is different than what you might be used to. It's more powerful and succinct."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing will help you scan your body for distorted perceptions you have about twin flames and soulmates, detach you from them and push those distortions away so that you can come into a higher sense of self.

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"Those distortions weren’t really you in the first place - your purity and sense of self can now come forward."