Mas Sajady EI Podcast #43: A Medihealing® on Sleep Foundation

In this episode I guide you through a Medihealing that ties into our previous podcast and creates the foundation for deep and restive sleep. 

Most of us have thoughts and feelings that make us anxious and keep us from getting good rest. In Episode 42: A Medihealing on Better Sleep,  I began to work with you on removing toxic frequencies and patterns that inhibit proper rest. Now in Episode 43: A Medihealing on Sleep Foundation, we will continue to work on your sleep patterns by removing energies within that may cause you to lose sleep. In addition, this Medihealing will also support guiding you to bring in the frequencies that form the basis for proper rejuvenating slumber.

I will also work on your back end as you relax during this Medihealing, clearing your energy at a core level, so you can generate sleep that replenishes your body and spirit. 

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"Anxiety and fidgeting are patterns you need to leave behind so you can have that restful sleep you are looking for."

Show Notes:

  • How to create a strong foundation of sleep

  • Why we need sleep

  • Why we sleep

  • Why you need to leave anxiety so you can sleep better

  • How visualizing your bed can help you sleep

  • How I help you take away things that are hindering your sleep

"It's not about suppressing or escaping any situation you're in, or any thoughts, feelings or environment. It's about facing it head on."

This Week's Medihealing:

The Medihealing in this episode will lay the foundation for restful and deep sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and new every day.

"When you're sleeping it's just you united with your spirit."

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