Mas Sajady EI Podcast #41: Notice What You Notice

In this episode we dive into one of the quotes I say most often: “Notice what you notice.”

I discuss how this simple phrase is actually one of the hardest parts of Exponential Intelligence® to grasp. We talk about how noticing what you notice allows you to see new possibilities and realities, as well as help you materialize your goals.

In the Medihealing®, I’ll help you remove the filters that you see life through, so that you can truly notice what is going on around you and appreciate other possible realities.

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"Noticing what you notice is a 360 degree field of vision - you get to see life from all perspectives, like a sphere."

Show Notes:

  • Why I say “notice what you notice” often

  • How this quote started

  • What happened the first time I connected to Pure Source directly

  • How the dark years of my life unfolded

  • Why the majority of communication comes through tone not words

  • How presence is similar to noticing what you notice, but different too

  • How noticing what you notice can help you in your life

  • How noticing what you notice allows you to explore multiple realities

"You start to command time when you notice what you notice."

  • How noticing what you notice help you manifest what you want

  • Testimonials from listeners on how "noticing" has benefitted them

  • How we can see the baggage that has accumulated from past lives

  • The distorted filters that most people view the world through

  • How our listeners use notice what you notice to change their lives

  • How noticing what you notice allows you to raise your frequency

"When you're in the present moment, distortions can't accumulate on you so you stay fresh not only in the next day or year, but the next lifetime too. You stay free."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Notice what you notice. Think about all the details of the actions that you are doing." and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing will help you remove all the filters that you see life through so you can see the true nature of reality.  

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"We need to move away from the base physical understanding of how we create and see life, and merge it at a higher level with our spiritual consciousness."