Mas Sajady EI Podcast #52: Mental Fortitude

In this episode, we explore how the practice of mental fortitude can help you live a life of purpose and serenity. 

I discuss EI's definition of mental fortitude, and address common misunderstandings about this ability. We outline how to embrace a higher level of mental fortitude to achieve balance, overcome disruptive emotions and relieve stress.  

I talk about my personal journey to a place of high mental fortitude, including the dark days after my second near death experience that nearly cost me my life. This struggle laid the foundation for the strength I have today. 

I explain how important presence and your understanding of time is to achieving mental fortitude. We explore why people take mood altering medications, and how that impacts your connection to spirit and reality. 

Our Medihealing®, meditation and healing in one, is to help you understand the time frame that you are living in at a deeper level. This is the key to mental fortitude and creating a new level of stability in your life. 

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"True mental fortitude is staying stable like a candle that never flickers no matter what is happening outside."

Show Notes:

  • How mental fortitude benefits you

  • Exponential Intelligence’s definition of mental fortitude

  • Common misunderstandings about mental fortitude

  • How to keep your mind clear and focused

  • How willpower and mental fortitude are related

  • How positive thinking impacts mental fortitude

"Mental fortitude is about understanding what time frame you are in." 

  • How distorted frequencies can undermine mental fortitude

  • How to tell how strong your mental fortitude is

  • Why most people have depression or anxiety

  • How prescription medications can make mental issues worse

  • My journey to mental fortitude

  • How listening to this Medihealing can reduce your stress

This Week's Mas Work:

"Practice your inner poker face; no matter what is happening to you, stay in a detached neutral space and don't allow yourself to feel any emotions good or bad about it." and please share your story with us on Facebook.

"If you have mental fortitude you are always connected and always keep your best interests intact, no matter how seductive the proposal may be."

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing will help you separate yourself from what is happening to you in your life so you can recalibrate and recognize your own mental fortitude. 

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