Mas Sajady Program: Frequency Lullaby

Mas is the father of six beautiful children (two sets of twins!).  This collection is near and dear to his heart.

Album Overview

Frequency Lullaby is a collection of soothing melodies encoded with gentle yet effective medi-healings created specifically for children.  Design for each month of the year, Mas focused on a subject and worked on the issues presented while in his deeply connected and meditative state. This medihealing session is recorded in its entirety and professionally infused with a melody picked by Mas. The finished product is a frequency-encoded healing lullaby, created with the power and tenderness of love.   

  • BODY - children’s physical development, nutrition & activities, brain functions, sleep quality, immune system; etc…
  • MIND – learning abilities, mental discipline, critical thinking, learning/unlearning about fear, healthy habits, etc…
  • SPIRIT – keeping the magic within, blossoming with gifts & talents, spiritual protection, intuition, etc…
  • HEART – building self-esteem, love & security, confidence & ego, courage & compassion, etc… 
  • LINEAGE – spiritual DNA enhancing or clearing, generational issues early detection/deletion, etc… 
  • RELATIONSHIP – social & self-awareness, manners & tempers, bullying, extreme shyness, coping with divorce/living with single parents, healing early abuse & damages, etc… 
  • SPECIAL CONDITIONS – ADHD, autism, cognitive delays, etc… | high-IQ children, indigo children, crystal children, etc…

Because the tone of Mas’ voice and the words he is guided to speak during the session carry healing frequencies, the speaking words will be faintly audible in the lullaby. Mas’ voice is integrated with the flow of the music enhancing the effectiveness of the healing. 

Product Details

The Frequency lullaby was created for children from age 0 and up…to any age. Although these are lullabies, their strength and effectiveness are equal to those of a regular medihealing for adults. 

During each session, Mas thoughtfully addressed concerns from both the parents’ & the child’s perspectives. For example, on the subject of ‘Sleep’ – Mas worked on ‘Falling asleep quickly and deeply’ (a parent’s wish), at the same time, he also worked on ‘don’t be afraid, there are no monsters under the bed…you are safe and loved’ (a child’s concern.

We suggest looping the lullabies on a barely audible level throughout the night to enhance the frequency integration while strengthening the Pure Source connection. 

What You Will Receive:

Each lullaby comprises of three tracks (a total about 60min):

Track 1. Mas' overview of the session
Track 2. The Frequency Session (Mas' voice only)
Track 3. The Frequency Lullaby (Music over Mas' voice)

These delightful melodies are easy for children (and the parents) to enjoy. It also makes a wonderful gift to parents who are not yet familiar with Mas’ work.  


The Frequency Lullaby Album

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If a subject of a particular month does not apply to your children (ex. Crystal children or ADHA), please play the lullaby at least once and send the blessing to all the children who need the healing. We are all connected. The well-being of all children is constantly shaping the life and the future of yours…and vice versa…