Mas Sajady EI Podcast #17: 3am Magic

Learn about the power of 3am in this podcast.  After my second near-death experience, I often awoke at 3am and felt called to meditate for hours at a time. I would meditate standing, and it was during one of these powerful 3am meditations that I heard the call for me to be a healer.

Now I conduct 3am Medihealings® with my clients all over the world, and in this podcast I invite you to participate in our ongoing 3am Series.

Join me for a powerful discussion of why meditating at 3am is important and holds magic. 

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"This is a pivotal moment. We don’t need to make a decision, all we have to do is focus on knowing that we need to make a change."

Show Notes:

  • What is the 3am Series

  • Why 3am is so powerful

  • How when I get connected to Pure Source at 3am, it benefits you

  • Why I travel around the world to do 3am meditations

  • Why the New Year is powerful

  • Learn how I was called to be a healer

  • Tips to wake up at 3am and experience the 3am Series with me

"3am is the time when I get downloaded and charged."

This Week's Mas Work:

"Get involved in the 3am Meditation or listen to the recording after Jan 2016. Go through the organizations listed in the "Links Mentioned" section and read about them" and please share your story with us on Facebook.

This Week's Medihealing:

This Medihealing will prepare you for the New Year's Meditation and the 3am Meditation on going series to allow you to benefit even further.

Links Mentioned:

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"You can have a more powerful experience when I am getting downloaded."