Mas Sajady EI Podcast #16: A Medihealing® on Special Occasions

This episode is a Medihealing designed to help you have deeper, more positive experiences during holidays and other special occasions. 

Some of us have good memories about these times with family and friends, but many have had negative experiences that distort us and cause problems every time we come together with those close to us. 

In this Medihealing I help you disconnect from not only your past but time altogether. In that space you can unite with your loved ones and truly enjoy your time with them free from any family patterns that used to control you. 

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"I help you disconnect from the past so that you can learn to love and enjoy special occasions."

Show Notes:

  • How this Medihealing assists you in not reverting back to past programs you have at special occasions

  • I help you actually enjoy the holidays with your family

  • How I can help you even if you love spending time with your family over the holidays and don’t have any issues around it

  • How my Medihealing effects not only you but people around you

  • Why fear comes up for a lot of us around the holidays

"It enhances you as well as enhancing the loved ones around you."

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"A lot of us feel pain and depression when we are forced to go on family reunions or special occasions with family."