Mas Sajady EI Podcast #89: Ascendance - Beyond Expectation

In this special EI podcast, Mas has a deep and insightful conversation with a student, Amit, whose ascendance through the spiritual space has been remarkably fast and profound. Listen to this episode to learn about powerfully and quickly the Mas Sajady programs can transform your life, and get helpful tips on how to accelerate your own spiritual development and what to expect as you reach those amazing heights.

As we begin, Mas Sajady reviews various powerful live events he has coming up where he will explore many concepts related to Exponential Intelligence and it's impact on our lives. He then has a dialogue with Amit, a student who has been working with him for less than six months but in that time has tapped into unbelievable abilities. By diligently practicing Mas Sajady meditations and Medihealings, he has achieved results that take some monks 50 years or more to achieve, if they ever do. You will learn the truth of how to achieve these results for yourself and what sort of teachings are actually more of a hoax than a beneficial theory. 

We end with a Mas Sajady Medihealing to accelerate your growth by expanding the possibilities available to you in time and space. As you remove the filters and see the greatness of what's available to you, your perspective of our world will transform in remarkable ways. 


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"Your spirit doesn't give a damn about your ego-driven expectations."

Show Notes:

  • How fast does it take to transform
  • How do you know if your spirit needs reprogramming
  • What does transformation do to your DNA
  • What comes next after transformation
  • How do different realities help you heal in your current reality
  • What is a transformational detox
  • How can you utilize future vision
"We are all here to help each other shift and transform." 
  • What role do emotions play in transformation
  • What is the core of religion
  • How do religions control people
  • What do you see in other people after you transform
  • How do you communicate at an unconscious level
  • What can you expect after you ascend to a higher level
"Your awakened spirit is always your purest guide." 

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