Mas Sajady EI Podcast #123: Ascendance - The Arrival Part 2

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This week's podcast is the final installment of an in-depth interview with one of my most advanced students on his awakening process. To hear the first part of this conversation, please click here. This interview is important to listen to because it provides you with an invaluable perspective on what it takes to ascend to higher levels of consciousness, and what obstacles you may run into along the way.  

There are many powerful benefits to look forward to at the completion of your detox purification. Ron and I spend much of this episode talking about the details of his own intense detox, as well as how much stronger and self-assured he was after going through this process.  He also describes how much more effectively he can serve his clients now, including the clarity and speed with which he sees their issues. Whatever you are creating in your life, letting go of your distortions and connecting to Pure Source in a deeper way will serve you in a variety of transformative ways. 

By the end of this podcast series, you will realize much of what lies before you on your spiritual journey. You will be better able to manage the challenges that come with your growth, and you will deeply know the profound benefits that await you as you ascend. 


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"Are you ready to take a fantastic journey and arrive at who you truly are?"

Show Notes:

  • What happened after Ron connected with Mas
  • How the 21 Day Medihealing affected Ron
  • How EI revealed the negativity that was surrounding Ron
  • What releasing your darkness does to you physically
  • The importance of identifying and releasing the darkness surrounding you
  • Ron's experience with Healing Mastery
"EI shines a flashlight on what's been around you all the time." 
  • How long it took Ron to complete each program
  • What Ron's Healing Mastery high points were
  • Why Ron kept going back to each program
  • How your life will change after ascendance
  • How to find the beauty and grace of who you truly are
"Take responsibility, not blame."

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