Mas Sajady EI Podcast #82: Ascendance - What to Expect

In this unique episode I explore in detail what you will encounter as you ascend spiritually, and how to emerge from your journey triumphantly. 

I dive deep into this topic with one of my clients, Ryan, who has experienced many of the challenges and rewards of this path. We talk about what sort of detox usually occurs once your spirit awakens, what you may see or experience as your abilities increase, and how to navigate the light and darkness that both will be attracted to your brilliance. 

I explain to Ryan why he saw and experienced what he did on his own journey, and in doing so share a lot of information about the higher realms that I never have before. I give you useful tools for your own spiritual process so you can reach the highest levels in the most efficient way possible. 

We end with a Medihealing®, meditation and healing combined, to enhance your self-awareness and strengthen your space as you ascend higher. 

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"We go through detox because the trash has to be taken out; you can't stay the same and expect to get better."

Show Notes:

  • What is the process people go through to ascend

  • What did Jesus mean when he said he is "the way"

  • Why it is important to pay attention to the drive to keep going forward

  • How to submit your will to your spirit

  • How to learn about yourself through isolation

  • The importance of redefining and strengthening yourself

  • How long does it take to ascend

"If someone asks you to give up everything for them, walk away."

  • What happens when you ascend higher and higher

  • How to avoid being a target for the darkness

  • How to avoid being tricked by the dark side

  • Identifying true darkness vs helper entities

  • How the darkness treats those who have ascended

  • How to deal with ridicule at a higher level

"If you look at the ascended masters you will see that each conquered both the light and the dark."

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