Mas Sajady EI Podcast #105: Ask And It Will Be Answered Part 1

This episode of EI is the first in a series where I connect deeply with you, our audience, and answer your questions about the truth of higher realms and other aspects of life and spirituality. We will explore many different elements of what you can expect to encounter as you expand vibrationally and elevate on this path, and how to manage it effectively so you can achieve 360 degrees of abundance in all areas of life - health, wealth, love and self. 

There is no guidebook to walking the spiritual path, and as we embark on this journey there are many different challenges that will likely arise. This podcast is designed to address listener questions that are common issues that many face, and support everyone in rising to their highest possible self. By powerfully breaking through these limiting forces we can achieve our potential and create remarkable results in our lives.

I talk about managing our relationship with spirit guides and other metaphysical entities, and how to discern if these powers are here to help us or hold us back. I emphasize the importance of self control and how living empowered means being able to wield our light effectively instead of giving it up to other people or forces.  By the end of this episode you will have a new appreciation of the meaning of strength and independence, and how to achieve it through spiritual means. 


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"Being aware is the first step in awakening."

Show Notes:

  • What do we say if we don't immediately see the answers from Pure Source
  • How do we send away "No" answers and keep "Yes" answers in our lives
  • What happens to angels and spirit guides after the 21 Day Medihealing
  • What does it mean if our demons are still hanging around
  • What are helper entities and how we can use them
"No one has to lose for you to become abundant through Pure Source." 
  • How do helper entities differ from dark entities
  • How do you get really good friends
  • What happens to your body during medihealings
  • How do people see themselves before they become enlightened
  • What is the best way to maintain between medihealings
"Think of me as a flashlight: as you work with me you start to see what's actually around you." 

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