Mas Sajady EI Podcast #109: EI and Buddhism Part 1

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In this special episode of Exponential Intelligence we explore the parallels and differences between the tenets of Exponential Intelligence and the ancient religion of Buddhism. By the end of this episode you will have a deep understanding of the divine truth of Buddhism and how it relates to the timeless principles of EI. 

Buddhism is a powerful practice that benefits the lives of others at a profound level, which is why I felt compelled to create a podcast discussing the core principles of it. I also draw upon Pure Source to answer many of your questions around the nature of Buddha and how to use the guidelines of the philosophy to ascend to a more powerful connection to EI and your own spirit. 

We end with a Medihealing, meditation and healing combined, where I bring in the presence of Buddha. Once in that space you can understand the absolute truth of the Buddhist faith, and shine your own personal spiritual light on a whole new level.


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"It’s such a grand honor to be in physical form - why would you want to walk away from that existence?"

Show Notes:

  • How does Exponential Intelligence compare to Buddhism
  • What are the distortions that exist in Buddhism today
  • What are the four basic tenets of Buddhism
  • How does EI’s definition of suffering differ from Buddhism
  • What was the name of the true Buddha
  • Who or what created the human form
"True enlightenment is being so transparent that you have no shadow or desires." 
  • Should you suppress your desires
  • How should you eliminate your desires or wants
  • Do you need God to ascend higher
  • What happens when you transcend higher
  • What was Buddha’s true message
  • What happens when you reach out to God
"The higher order is aways around us, we just have to ascend enough to use it." 

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