Mas Sajady EI Podcast #108: The Biblical Flood

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This week's podcast is designed to create a deeper understanding of the devastating hurricanes and floods that are tearing through our country. Many people project their own judgements onto these natural disasters and use them as a way to condemn others, which is why I felt compelled to provide clarity on the role of the divine on our lives and the truth about the current destabilization in our society. 

It is undeniable that we are living in an increasingly separatist world, with escalating tensions between the high and low vibration people across our country and beyond. As this conflict goes, people on both sides use various conflicts, including natural disasters such as the catastrophic recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as a sign of divine retribution for what they perceive of as "sin" under their paradigm. I begin this episode by clearly express why that is completely erroneous and actually a very large sign under the higher spiritual laws of Exponential Intelligence. 

I continue by illuminating the true nature of divine and the spiritual blessings that lie beneath the hardship created by these weather occurrences, as well as the truth of why they occur in the first place. I explain the nature of the purity wave currently washing over the world as well as why the growing separatism we are as a society is nothing more than an indicator of our collective detox and removal of toxic structures that no longer serve us as a species. 

We end with a powerful Medihealing designed to support those impacted by natural disasters around the world to see the beauty in their experience and the profound opportunities for expansion that exist within them. You will learn the power of staying in a place of purity and neutrality, and how to create fertile vibrational ground for the true miracles of Pure Source to begin to blossom in your life.


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"The current wave of purity washing over the Universe is helping us ascend to a higher level."

Show Notes:

  • Why did God create the great Biblical flood
  • What do different religions say about Hurricane Harvey
  • Why do natural disasters happen
  • How can disasters help you to ascend to a higher level
  • Why do disasters affect everybody and not just those God has wrath against
"God doesn't judge or blame us for the things we do - that goes against free will, the first spiritual law." 
  • How does darkness in our world get eliminated
  • What is EI's perspective on natural disasters
  • Why are we being punished if there is free will
  • What is a purity wave
  • How do purity waves cleanse our spiritual essence
"Miracles happen when we allow ourselves to enter that space of emptiness; this is where our prayers really work." 

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