Mas Sajady EI Podcast #5: EI in Action - Global Healing

Each month I invite the world to participate in an hour long teleforum called Global Healing.  In this episode of Exponential Intelligence®, we revisit our recent Global Healing that included thousands of listeners from around the globe; our biggest Global Healing to date.    

I discuss the benefits of Global Healing and revisit the live taping where I talk and work on individuals with a wide array of urgent issues. 

After the Global Healing I do a ten minute Medihealing® where I help you understand the real "why" of your life, so you can bring in different solutions on how to create more abundance in your reality and have it all. 

Listen in and discover EI in Action!

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"You can resolve any distortion you face by reconnecting to time."

Show Notes:

  • What is a Global Healing?

  • How you can experience Exponential Intelligence in action

  • How Mas works on subgroups and individuals during the Global Healing

  • Benefits of listening to Mas working on other people

  • How the mastermind gets created

  • What happened in a recent call with Global Healing

"I awaken you and then you move into another direction."

  • Mas walks a woman from San Diego through healing after her client commits murder

  • Mas helps a woman from Norway fighting candida

  • Mas works on a man from Germany with lower back problems

  • Mas supports a woman from California with a bacterial infection

  • How this specific Global Healing went for Mas

  • Why sometimes there is a delay in reaction to the work

  • Join my ten minute Medihealing on the real "why" of your life

"Lifelong issues can disappear in just a few minutes."

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"We go through life a lot of times in a hypnosis."